LED lighting of the Ringerike Tunnel

Ringerike is a city in Buskerud county, Norway. The country, which together with Italy boasts the highest number of tunnels in Europe, is confirmed to be one of the reference markets for AEC. The company, in collaboration with Multilux – official partner for Norway – created the lighting for one of the tunnels in the area, using LED road tunnels floodlights. These lighting systems are able to offer high quality, safe and comfortable light, with excellent levels of color rendering and color temperature. The intervention contributed significantly to improving the driving experience both day and night.

Reliable systems for tunnel lighting

Long-lasting LED sources for road tunnel lighting, such as those designed by AEC Illuminazione, make it possible to minimize any maintenance intervention that would lead to downtime, traffic interruptions or even closure of the tunnel.

LED light that allows better road conditions

Sustainable energy and long-lasting performance

Norway is one of the most demanding countries in terms of performance but also of containing energy consumption. Thanks to the solutions offered for this tunnel, AEC Illuminazione was able to guarantee reliability and efficiency, allowing for a significant reduction in energy and maintenance costs. Discover all the advantages of choosing LED technology.

LED advantages

Quality lighting for road tunnels

Tunnel lighting systems with a high technological index tested in our laboratory

The solutions used for LED lighting in the Ringerike tunnel have been specifically designed and tested in AEC’s internal R&D laboratory, in order to guarantee a safer and reliable product. Ringerike’s project ensured levels of brightness and uniformity that did not compromise the driver’s safety, making the transition from the external to the internal light levels of the tunnel more comfortable.

Test & Laboratories

Product used

Discover the product used for LED tunnel lighting of Ringerike