Smart street lighting systems

In public lighting it is necessary to provide smart lighting services. Discover the AEC Smart System solutions designed to optimize energy savings and create modern smart cities.

How smart street lighting fixtures work

In Italy, there is a street lighting fixture for every 6 inhabitants for a total of about 10 million light points. This allows us to understand the degree to which street lights extend throughout the territory and how indispensable they are becoming with regards to people’s safety. Today, with smart lighting technology, public lighting fixtures provide many other services in addition to the traditional role of illumination. Following the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm, street lights have become intelligent and connected: this means they are able to acquire and transmit information, thus creating smart city lighting.

Smart street lights as nodes of network

Public LED lighting is therefore one of the main infrastructural aspects of a city: more precisely, it is the key factor of the future smart city lighting models. In fact, are designed to be an essential component of smart city management. Why? Let’s imagine the street lighting fixtures within nodes of a network infrastructure, where they can interact with various devices and sensors to offer technological smart services and give rise to the concept of smart and connected street lighting.

That’s why we talk about smart city lighting

More energy savings

More security

More eco-sustainability

We invest in green ideas to reduce waste

One of the first and most important advantages of smart street lighting is certainly energy saving. Thanks to smart lighting control systems (management of emitting light only where and when it is necessary), there are considerable savings. With the flux regulation systems, it is possible to create personalized lighting scenarios, reducing a lot of energy waste. In fact, the consumption of electricity in public lighting today represents a significant percentage of total costs. For this reason, all the municipalities of the world are moving towards the creation of smart street lighting. With the adjustment of the luminous flux, street lighting levels are automatically modified according to the need. Therefore, this means the lumen output increases or decreases depending on the time of day or special requirements.

Advantages of smart street lighting

The environment matters and can no longer wait

Creating a smart public lighting system also means helping the environment and reducing CO2 emissions. In addition to having a longer life cycle, LED technology consumes less energy than a traditional luminaire and therefore significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Not everyone knows that a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions are drived from energy consumption. Just think of the fact that LEDs allow savings of up to 90% compared to traditional luminaires and have a lifespan of up to 20 times longer.

Moving towards a clean energy due to smart cities

These are the CO2 reductions of the cities that have chosen AEC’s LED technology.









A system monitored 24hr with smart city lighting

The flexibility of a smart street lighting system also guarantees, among other things, a higher quality of light. This is because the smart LED luminaires constantly check the efficiency of the system and are therefore able to report any problems in real-time. Due to this feedback, a better quality of the system is inevitably obtained, also making any maintenance operations much faster.

Advantages for people and the environment

Our commitment to smart street lighting system

AEC has always paid attention to how energy is used to improve savings

With smart street lighting  you can improve the quality of life of citizens.

Optimize energy resources and reduce costs for Municipalities.

How can you create a smart public lighting system?

When equipped with the appropriate electronic devices, lighting fixtures become smart and connected. Remote control and smart street lighting nodes are used to create a functional smart street lighting control system. These nodes can be installed either internally or externally with regards to the luminaire. Using standard Nema or Zhaga nodes, external installation occurs exactly above the cover of the lighting fixture.

AEC smart street lighting nodes
smart street lighting node

Internal node

WL 1

AEC lighting luminaire is compatible with internal smart street lighting node of third parties. The antenna, installed on the external frame of the device, is compact and very small in size.

smart street lighting node



The AEC lighting luminaire is compatible for a 7-pin NEMA ANSI C136.41 standard socket. All the functions included in the internal node WL1 are also available in this version.

smart street lighting node


ZHAGA (Book 18)

The AEC lighting luminaire is compatible with the Zhaga connection specifications (Book 18). Zhaga Node is also more compact than the NEMA version, measuring only 35mm in height.

Street lighting nodes application on the fixture
smart street lighting luminaires


public smart street lighting LED luminaires


smart street lighting fixtures with node


What is a smart street lighting remote control?

In the world of smart street lighting, we talk about a lighting remote control system, when a hardware and software solution through can remotely monitor and manage the public lighting system. The remote control is therefore based on the exchange of information between the plant and the control center.

Smart street lighting remote control advantages

How smart lighting control system works

The fixtures equipped with smart street lighting remote control nodes create a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) type of communication. The capillarity of the smart street lighting system allows total coverage over the entire area. The information converted by the smart street lighting fixtures transits through the network towards the gateways, or control units located in the territory, typically in correspondence with electrical panels or in more favourable positions for communication, which send the data received from the smart street lighting nodes to the central software platform. Furthermore, the activation commands of different lighting scenarios can be propagated in real-time from the control software to the gateways, then to the nodes at the smart street lighting fixtures.

It’s all about smart lighting control nodes

We will help you to understand the advantages of smart street lighting control systems

The smart street lighting node allows you to completely turn off the luminaire, keeping the communication active H24 for the operation of smart lighting services.

The smart street lighting node reports abnormal conditions and monitors the street lighting luminaire, such as internal temperature and inclination.

The smart street lighting node has a built-in clock to perform flux regulation autonomously, even in case of a communication loss.

There is much more to know about smart lighting

Every voice counts.

The street lighting node regulates the flux by interfacing directly with the driver while monitoring its consumption and operation of the LED modules.

The smart street lighting node can interface with third-party sensors, making it possible to integrate various Smart services into the system.

The node is remotely upgradeable. This means that there is absolutely no need for on-site intervention.

Progress makes the world a better place

Improve savings, safety and liveability in your city due to smart street lighting.

Progress makes the world a better place

Improve savings, safety and liveability in your city due to smart street lighting.

What can you do with smart street lighting system?

Manage your city quickly and easily thanks to a street lighting system

There is more to add about smart street lighting

Every voice really matters in smart street lighting

Who you will need to contact to create your system

AEC luminaires are compatible with third-party smart nodes. The complete remote control system can be provided by one of our industry partners.

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