Tunnel lighting and underpass LED lights

Efficient and connected underpass and road tunnel lighting. Minimize closures and remotely manage your road tunnel with AEC's tunnel lighting systems.

LED floodlights for tunnel lighting

Discover the AEC’s solutions and systems for tunnel lighting and underpasses, such as efficient LED floodlights with greater energy efficiency and lasting performance over time. Road tunnels are particular areas where it’s necessary to guarantee the total safety of travellers and the reduction of accidents to ensure the smooth flow of traffic. The specific LED sources for street and road tunnel lighting developed by AEC guarantee uniform distribution of the light beam and high visual comfort , reducing glare to allow travellers to travel at a constant speed.

Choose LEDs for tunnel and underpass lighting

Cost reduction

High efficiency and low maintenance for your tunnel lighting

Achieve high energy savings and reduce maintenance costs thanks to the LED sources for tunnel lighting designed by AEC. Manage the luminous flux by reducing the periods of inactivity of the installation and the related CO2 emissions.

Increased security

Keep traffic flowing smoothly with LED lighting floodlights

Road tunnel lighting solutions illuminate the tunnel clearly, allowing travellers to travel at a constant speed, reducing the risk of traffic jams and traffic accidents.

Better experience

Enhances the driving experience with LED lighting luminaires

Increase visual comfort when entering and exiting thanks to AEC’s LED lighting systems for tunnels and underpasses. Make the visual perception of colours faithful thanks to LED sources with a high colour rendering index.

Tunnel lighting control system
Why illuminate a tunnel with LEDs?

Tunnel lighting LED fixtures

LED tunnel lighting advantages

Tunnel and underpasses need a lighting system that allows you to illuminate the road clearly. Compared to discharge technology, the LED floodlights for tunnel lighting designed by AEC use higher performance with reduced energy and maintenance costs. Thanks to control systems, it is possible to obtain uniform and comfortable lighting, reducing glare for travellers. Choose the solution that suits your needs by opting for both permanent lighting and reinforcement lighting for tunnel entrances.

LED advantages

Long-lasting tunnel lighting systems

Corrosion-resistant LED floodlights for tunnel lighting in AISI 316 L steel

Long-lasting tunnel lighting systems

Corrosion-resistant LED floodlights for tunnel lighting in AISI 316 L steel

Smart systems for tunnel lighting

Intelligent control systems for reliable LED lighting of underpasses. With LED technology, the customer can easily manage the system remotely and installers benefit from simplicity in installation and maintenance.

Increase safety for travellers

Ensures maximum visual comfort

Adjust the flow according to the traffic

Smart lighting management

Which lamps are used for tunnel lighting

AEC tunnel lighting control system

Smart tunnel lighting reliable technology

A tunnel lighting solution is not complete without an adequate lighting control system. AEC Illuminazione provides an intelligent control system that allows you to adjust the light output and monitor the luminaires remotely. The results are safer, more efficient and manageable tunnels. In fact, it is possible to control the tunnel lighting with dedicated interfaces, adjusting the luminous flux based on atmospheric conditions to reduce energy and maintenance costs. In fact, the LED sources can vary the light intensity entering and exiting the tunnel, in order to reduce glare and increase safety.

Tunnel Lighting Control Systems

Discover the main tunnel lighting fixtures

How to control the luminous flux

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