LED tunnel lighting of Strand Tunnel

AEC Illuminazione has been chosen for the new LED lighting of the Strand tunnel in Norway. The tunnel is 440m long and its construction represented an important part of an avalanche protection program on multiple roads in the west and north of the country. AEC Illuminazione supplied the LED lighting system for tunnels Galileo EB, guaranteeing drivers maximum safety and visual comfort.

Better visibility and visual comfort

Peculiarity of the new LED lighting of Strand Tunnel

Vehicles arriving from the outside are used to high natural light. Due to the visual discomfort created by the difference in brightness between the exterior and interior, the risk of accidents was very high in the gallery. For this, it was vital to ensure high levels of visibility to allow traffic to flow smoothly. Correct night visibility also allows the recognition of any obstacles for a greater reduction in sudden braking.

The goals achieved

The LED lighting of the Strand tunnel was created with high-performance solutions that ensured high performance and a clear reduction in costs. Find out more about all the benefits.

More security

Sharp lighting throughout the gallery

Greater light uniformity along the entire length of the tunnel, both at the entrance and at the exit, reducing the risk of accidents.

Low consumption system

Reduced consumption and low maintenance

High-performance LED tunnel floodlights that guarantee a quick return on investment.

Visual comfort

Reduction of light glare

The specific optics for tunnel lighting reduce glare for greater visibility.

Tunnel lighting smart control systems

LED lighting of the Strand tunnel equipped with remote control

The luminous flux of the luminaires inside the tunnel is automatically adjusted to increase or decrease the intensity of the illumination according to the external light so that the eyes of drivers do not struggle to adapt at the entrance or exit of the tunnel. Find out more about AEC systems for remote control of road tunnels.

Tunnel Lighting Control Systems

LED lighting of Strand Tunnel
LED lighting of Strand Tunnel
LED lighting of Strand Tunnel

Product used

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