LED tunnel lighting of the Køge Tunnel

This 150m long tunnel opened to traffic in October 2016, is located under the railway center of the city of Køge and connects Niels Juel Street on the west side of the station with Værftsvej on the railway side to the east. The tunnel represents an important first step for the city of Koge for both urban development and traffic management. The project was carried out in collaboration with Delux, official partner of AEC Illuminazione in Denmark, commissioned by Cowi, an engineering, economics and infrastructure consultancy company, which took care of the project.

The Køge Tunnel illuminated with reliable solutions

High performance LED tunnel lights that guarantee greater safety

The systems used for LED lighting in the Køge tunnel are the result of AEC’s years of experience in tunnel lighting and are specifically designed for permanent or reinforcement lighting. The devices comply with the standards of reliability, safety and efficiency that characterize the entire range. Find out more about tunnel lighting.

Tunnel LED Lighting

LED Tunnel lighting
tunnel floodlights
LED tunnel lights in the Køge Tunnel

Efficient road tunnels and underpass lighting

The tunnel was illuminated with the LED floodlights of the Galileo Tunnel series for the left and right side reinforcement and permanent lighting of the tunnel, for a total of 106 luminaires. Thanks to this intervention, the objectives of energy efficiency of the tunnel and increased safety for travellers have been achieved.

Optimize the lighting

Tunnel lighting control systems that optimized the management of the Køge underpass

The systems used for the LED lighting of the Køge tunnel allow you to vary the luminous flux automatically and manage the lighting directly from dedicated software, further reducing energy costs and facilitating maintenance. Find out more about remote control systems for road tunnels.

Tunnel control systems

Product used

Discover the product used for LED lighting in the Køge underpass