Sustainability report

From a local supply chain to reducing environmental footprints, explore our journey towards sustainable innovation. Discover in detail how we are lighting up a responsible future, step by step, together.

AEC’s Commitment to Sustainability

With enthusiasm, we present our first sustainability report.
A significant step to showcase and disseminate all the initiatives
that, over time, our organization has undertaken.
It is our time to deploy skills and new ideas for process improvement,
for the well-being of people and the environment in which we live.

“Much has been done, and much is yet to be done, but ambitious challenges have always been part of our DNA”
Alessandro Cini

We invest in projects
that protect the environment

Producing entirely in Italy, we are aware of the environmental and social challenges we face.
That’s why we are strongly committed to contributing to sustainable development and promoting
energy efficiency in cities worldwide.

A progress made of actions

Our advancements towards the environment result from innovations
in design, technologies, and organizational structure. Through the sustainability report,
we aim to share what we have already accomplished and how we will address
the challenges of the coming years, with the goal of ensuring greater sustainability and reducing
our environmental impact. We are confident that, through continuous commitment and close
collaboration with our employees and stakeholders, we can contribute to sustainable development,
adding value to our business, people, and the territory.

“Driving change by embracing sustainability”
AEC Illuminazione

We design with the planet in mind

Read our first report to discover the progress made by our company. We are aware that our purpose, strategy, and business model must aim to prevent negative impacts and, in turn, generate positive outcomes for the local economy, the environment, and people. To achieve this goal, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices in all our activities and business relationships, as well as offering products to the market that positively contribute to sustainability.

Sustainability Report


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