Street LED lighting of the new section on the E18

AEC Illuminazione has been chosen as a partner for the LED street lighting of Arendal E18, the new Norwegian section on the same European road. The infrastructure project involved the design and construction of a completely new 23km long road section, which passes between Tvedestrand and Arendal, with four double rock tunnels. AEC illuminated the entire section ensuring quality, performance and safety lighting. ITALO has guaranteed drivers more safety on the roads and better viability during nighttime, with a significant reduction in energy and maintenance costs for the local Municipality.

Arendal street LED lighting

The new lighting of the E18 under the name of AEC

The redevelopment of the modern highway section saw the collaboration between AEC Illuminazione and the Norwegian municipality for the use of the most advanced street lighting solutions. Working with local builders, the project involved new infrastructure, new services and the displacement of 10 million cubic meters of rock and earth. AEC participated in the project by supplying the LED street lighting of the ITALO series, guaranteeing greater safety on the route and uniform distribution of the light beam.

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The benefits guaranteed by the intervention

Optimization of light, safety and visual comfort were the main objectives of the project that the intervention of AEC guaranteed to the local municipality.

Arendal E18 LED street lighting
public street lighting fixtures
street lights

One of the largest road lighting project in Norway

AEC Illuminazione road lighting solutions have ensured maximum safety while minimizing risks for the driver. In fact, AEC’s efficient LED street lamps have ensured perfect uniformity of light in the street using less energy and at the same time enhancing the surrounding landscape. The new motorway section was built on a mainly rocky stretch, with a consequent displacement of material. The intervention, therefore, led to a strong need for high-power LED sources.

street lighting
led lamp street light
public street light lamps

Increased security for Arendal travellers

Well-illuminated streets thanks to AEC Illuminazione’s LED sources

The intervention in the Norwegian area required experience in the public lighting sector and the ability to interact with international municipalities. AEC proved to be the partner of choice for street lighting projects, satisfying the needs of energy efficiency, safety and cost reduction. Travellers can now circulate in total visual comfort while enjoying the Norwegian natural landscape. Find out more about the benefits that LED guarantees you for street lighting projects.

Street LED Lighting

road tunnel lamps

The safest and most efficient Arendal Tunnel

Reliable lighting and better management of LED floodlights thanks to AEC remote control systems

The lighting of the four long-distance tunnels required all AEC’s know-how on public street and tunnel lighting. In fact, tunnels and galleries are spaces where it is essential to guarantee the total safety of travellers with high-performance solutions that are reliable over time. AEC Illuminazione was also able to provide smart management systems to further optimize consumption and lighting management of the Arendal tunnel.

Tunnel LED Lighting

Product Used

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