LED tunnel lighting of the Bjørsvik Tunnel

The Bjørsvik Tunnel is a road tunnel in the municipality of Alver in western Norway and is part of the European road 39, a 1,330-kilometre long road connecting Norway and Denmark, extending from Klett to Aalborg. The new LED tunnel lighting of the Bjørsvik Tunnel was created by AEC Illuminazione for the entire length of the 844 meters using anti-corrosion steel tunnel floodlights. By collaborating with local partners, AEC was able to provide a complete package for tunnel lighting, increasing safety, improving traffic viability and reducing energy and maintenance consumption.

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LED tunnel lamps to improve traffic flow

The new LED lighting of the Bjørsvik tunnel has made it possible to increase safety for travellers by reducing the number of road accidents. AEC’s intervention with the supply of the new TLED3 systems has ensured greater performance than the previous discharge lamps and an extreme duration of the light sources thanks to LED technology. Discover all the advantages of lighting a road tunnel with AEC Illuminazione’s solutions.

Tunnel LED lighting

LED tunnel lighting of the Bjørsvik Tunnel
Tunnel lighting of the Bjørsvik Tunnel

Greater security and remote control

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to transform the tunnel into a safe and cutting-edge space.

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AEC’s LED road tunnel lighting solutions synthesize the know-how and latest generation technologies to design a tailor-made solution for your needs. Choose AEC Illuminazione as your partner of choice for the lighting of your road tunnel.

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