LED lighting of the Yacht Club of Ancona

The Marina Dorica Yacht Club is a modern structure born from the passion and activities of the Nautical Clubs that every year manage the various activities of the port. AEC was commissioned to illuminate the building with its LED architectural lighting system, choosing the efficient GALILEO floodlight. The aim of the project was not only to enhance the structure, but also to ensure greater use of the spaces at night.

The goals achieved

Structural enhancement, energy efficiency and cost reduction. These are some of the objectives achieved by AEC. Discover all the advantages of LED technology for public lighting.

Architectural enhancement

Increased attractiveness

The architectural lighting solutions used by AEC made it possible to enhance the materials and details of the structure, making it more attractive for visitors and tourists.

Greater energy efficiency

Cost reduction

AEC’s efficient LED lights for architectural lighting allowed the customer to significantly reduce electricity and maintenance costs.

Increased safety

Greater safety for customers and operators

The LED lights for architectural lighting ensured a regular and uniform emission, so as to illuminate the structure clearly, increasing safety for workers and visitors.

Outdoor areas more usable thanks to LED light

Architectural LED lighting for people

Ancona is a historic city and over the years it has become an important point of reference in international maritime trade. All the tradition and spirit of Ancona is contained in the Marina Dorica Yacht Club. The Marina Dorica Service Center is home to one of the main Italian nautical clubs. Now all areas of the Yacht Club are well lit and made safe thanks to AEC’s LED architectural lighting.

Architectural Lighting

Product used

Discover the architectural floodlight used for the project