Public lighting: urban and street LED lighting for cities

High energy savings and greater safety with efficient LED public lighting, capable of improving the lives of citizens.

More efficient and safer cities

The commercial strength of AEC Illuminazione’s LED public lighting fixtures is based on their ability to obtain high brightness with very low consumption and on their high reliability, especially in conditions of mechanical stress. Choosing to convert public lighting with efficient LED luminaires brings countless advantages to both citizens and public administrations who are able to have significant savings in terms of operating costs, thus ensuring a quick return on investment, for more efficient and safer cities.

Why choose LED public lighting?

Reduce operating costs

Fast return on investment.

One of the main advantages of LED public lighting is the reduced energy consumption: LEDs consume much less energy than traditional lamps to offer the same light output. In fact, LED lighting, compared with traditional lighting sources, leads to considerable savings. Furthermore, the use of LEDs in public lighting has significantly changed the concept of maintenance. Thanks to recent technological upgrades, LED lighting reaches and exceeds 100,000 hours, or over twenty years of operation.

Increase security in the city

An advantage for citizens.

Choosing to create LED public lighting, whether it is road lighting, tunnels or even luminaires for street lighting, also brings countless advantages for citizens. In fact, the LED public lighting made with our products guarantees a high colour rendering, which translates into better obstacle detection for motorists or for the creation of comfortable environments even at night, such as parks and public gardens that can be enjoyed by any hour of the day.

Reduce your CO2 emissions

For more sustainable cities.

An advantage of public LED lighting is to drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the main cause of the greenhouse effect. LED streetlights use much less energy than traditional sources, consequently, the consumption in kW/hr per year is much lower and contributes to the reduction of CO2, for more eco-sustainable cities. Choosing to convert public lighting to LED is, therefore, a valid strategy for reducing energy costs and the carbon footprint on the planet.

Efficient and quality public led lighting

Do this with AEC public LED street lights

Efficient and quality public led lighting

Do this with AEC public LED street lights

LED road street lighting

Ensure greater safety on the road.

For the success of a public led lighting project, it is essential to choose LED street lights with optical systems that guarantee perfect uniformity on the road. AEC Illuminazione’s road lighting fixtures have a large number of optics for every type of road, whether it is an urban road, a wide high-speed road, or specific optics for pedestrian crossings and junctions. The perfect light distribution on the road, combined with optical systems that prevent glare and guarantee visual comfort, translate into greater safety on the road, fewer accidents and smoother traffic.

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LED lighting of residential streets

When public lighting integrates perfectly into the surrounding environment.

Public LED lighting of residential streets and secondary roads must guarantee, in addition to high energy savings, also design solutions that create pleasant areas where to live and where to transit at night. AEC Illuminazione offers a wide range of LED street lamps for public lighting in residential areas, capable of perfectly integrating into various architectural contexts. To facilitate the customer and complete the offer, AEC Illuminazione also produces in Italy design poles, shelves and arms that create perfect urban installations in any context.

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Assure quality with efficient LED street lights

Trust on street lighting manufacturer

Assure quality with efficient LED street lights

Trust on street lighting manufacturer

LED Urban Lighting for parks, cycle Paths and city Centres

It improves the attractiveness of the main city areas

Squares and pedestrian areas illuminated in an attractive way with designer public lighting fixtures, favour commerce, create atmosphere and therefore lead to a benefit in terms of image. By relying on the right lighting solutions and the expertise of our sales network, urban spaces can be revisited with LED urban streetlights that encourage the attractiveness of central areas, as well as prevent vandalism and increase safety.

Lighting of parks and public gardens

When lighting enhances the environment and green areas.

Public lighting of public parks and city center is very important to ensure that these areas can be used safely even at night and enhance the environment. Our LED street lamps for street lighting are equipped with specific optical systems to perfectly illuminate any context: from avenues and cycle paths in public parks to more complex applications, such as the lighting of an archaeological park. Ask us for advice to identify the best solution for public lighting of parks and green areas.

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LED street lights for outdoor park lighting

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Public LED lighting

Safer tunnel and underpasses with high visibility and reduced consumptions

Public LED lighting

Safer tunnel and underpasses with high visibility and reduced consumptions

LED lighting of tunnels and underpasses

Choose high build quality LED floodlights

The LED public lighting floodlights for tunnels and underpasses designed by AEC Illuminazione guarantee energy efficiency and long-lasting performance. The tunnels are particular areas where it is necessary to guarantee the total safety of travellers and the reduction of accidents to ensure the smooth flow of traffic. But tunnels and road underpasses are environments where the chemical agents due to smog attack the headlamps, which for this reason must be specifically designed and tested to ensure long-lasting performance.

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LED lighting for underpasses

Eliminate grey areas and increase safety

Whether it is to illuminate a pedestrian underpass or a road underpass, it is important to ensure adequate light distribution without shadow areas. The LED lighting floodlights designed by AEC Illuminazione guarantee perfect light distribution that benefits the safety of pedestrians and motorists.

LED products for tunnel, gallery and underpass lighting

We follow you in every planning phase

Energy analysis

Tailored for you.

Regardless of whether you are replacing some fixtures or completely renovating the lighting system, we can help you find the best possible solution, with a view to energy saving and performance. Ask us for a free consultation, together we will create a detailed plan tailored for you by analyzing the pre-existing situation.

Light consultancy

Our know-how at your service.

AEC Illuminazione’s know-how is at your service. We will help you create the most effective long-term lighting plan possible: from a completely new installation to a simple LED retrofit. Rely on us to receive personalized and targeted advice according to your real needs.

Sales support

Dedicated assistance.

With our commercial network, present in every Italian region and in 40 countries around the world, we can directly serve all markets and offer an efficient and targeted service to our customers. Contact us for a no-obligation advice on how to make your lighting system more efficient and get a quick return on investment.

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