LED public street lighting of Florence

The public street lighting of Florence has its roots in 1966 when the devastating flood hit the city. AEC was chosen for the first time to provide the new decorative street lighting, in particular of the Arno river and the famous streets of the historic center. Fifty-two years later, the company has evolved hand in hand with the Florentine reality, returning to illuminate the birthplace of the Renaissance with new LED technology solutions. The important energy efficiency project in Florence carried out by AEC provided for the supply of 30,000 lighting fixtures after winning the tender held by Silfi Spa, the public utility company that manages the city’s public lighting. Thanks to the new LED light, the objectives of energy efficiency, increased road safety and maintenance of the original colours of the historic center have been achieved.

The objectives of the project

The numbers of the project

The LED public street lighting of Florence is certainly one of the symbolic interventions of AEC Illuminazione. From the first supply in 1966 following the flood to the last modernization intervention with LED technology fixtures. The supply of LED lighting fixtures by AEC gave new light to the city, enhancing the artistic peculiarities of the Renaissance and achieving energy-saving objectives.


Luminaires installed

Number of LED luminaires installed


Savings in Euros

Millions of Euros saved by the city


Energy consumption

Reduction of electricity consumption


Reduction of CO2 emission

Tons of CO2 produced less every year

LED street lighting of Florence

Clearer roads, increased safety and better traffic

The LED public street lighting of Florence was a very successful project for both AEC and the Tuscan city. The intervention aimed to improve visibility conditions both in the streets of the historic center and in the busy “Viali di Circonvallazione”, reducing energy and management costs by the Municipality. The change from discharge lamps to modern LED technology has ensured high light performance with uniform distribution of the light beam throughout the road, ensuring greater safety for pedestrians and drivers and a comfortable viewing experience. Discover all the possibilities that AEC offers for street lighting.

LED Street Lighting

Safer pedestrian areas and better experience

The new LED public street lighting of Florence has significantly increased safety of the historic center’s streets

Better colour perception and night visibility thanks to the transition from the yellow/orange light of the old sodium and mercury lamps to the white light of the high colour rendering LED. This increases safety for drivers and pedestrians on high-traffic urban streets and at the same time guarantees a better experience for citizens and tourists in the streets of the historic center. In fact, thanks to the intervention of AEC, the pedestrian areas of the historic center are now illuminated in an extremely clear way, safeguarding the safety of people who can walk freely in the city even at night. Discover all the possibilities that AEC offers for the lighting of public spaces.

Architectural Lighting

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Public street led lighting
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Urban street lighting

Safer and more attractive green areas

The energy efficiency of Florence has also redeveloped numerous green areas of the city

The LED lighting project in Florence also aimed to redevelop numerous parks and green areas through the light that were difficult to access because they lacked adequate illumination. Thanks to the specific optics for lighting public areas, glare has been reduced with technical solutions with high visual comfort. In addition, AEC’s modern low-power technology will make it possible to keep street lamps on even at night, putting an end to the Florentine policy of turning off street lamps at 11:15 pm. Find out more about the importance of visual comfort for lighting public areas.

Urban lighting

A great project of cultural value

The LED public street lighting of Florence is certainly one of the most important public lighting projects carried out by AEC which has contributed to increasing the attractiveness of the city for citizens and tourists. The supply of the new lighting fixtures made it possible to give new light to the city, enhancing the architectural peculiarities of the center and enhancing the pedestrian areas of cultural interest.

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