Outdoor architectural lighting and monument lights

LED Architectural floodlights for lighting of historical and contemporary architecture. Enhance facades, buildings or monuments with LED light.

The objectives of outdoor architectural lighting

With architectural LED floodlights you can enhance the aspect of buildings, historic buildings, monuments and increase the attendance of that place.

More attractiveness

Improve the attractiveness of places by highlighting architecture, parks or facade details. Give the urban space a distinctive character with the best quality of light. Give new life to space and enhance details with the maximum efficiency of modern LED technology for architectural lighting.

Prevent vandalism

Increases safety in historic and artistic areas by preventing vandalism thanks to adequate and efficient lighting. The areas of cultural interest deserve maximum safety and the best possible lighting both for the exaltation of the artistic heritage and for its protection and preservation.

Floodlights for every need

AEC Illuminazione designs and manufactures architectural floodlights in Italy both for LED modernization and redevelopment projects and for new installations. Our architectural floodlights have numerous types of optics for architectural and accent lighting.

Why enhance the city with architectural lighting

Aspects of architectural lighting

Outdoor architectural LED lighting can have different purposes. Light can perform a functional and safety task, and therefore, allow people to perform certain jobs in an outdoor area. Just as it can also have a promotional function and therefore attract people’s attention to a specific cultural asset. But light can also have the objective of creating suggestive and unique atmospheres between the architectural aspect of a building and the surrounding environment. This is why AEC’s architectural floodlights are considered functional: they can satisfy any lighting requirement.

Using architectural lights for different purposes

light as a functional language

Illuminate safety areas

Outdoor architectural floodlights can guide people in the orientation of a certain area and allow you to carry out actions in total safety in particular areas, such as access gates.

Light that promotes and advertises

Attract people to particular areas

With LED spot outdoor architectural floodlights you can highlight architectural details of monuments, capturing the attention of people.

Light that creates emotion and suggestion

Create suggestive atmospheres

Improve people’s experience by creating unforgettable lighting scenarios due to outdoor architectural lighting. In a perfect design, architecture and light have always been two inseparable concepts.

What can you do with architectural floodlights?

Whether it’s monuments, historic buildings, churches or contemporary buildings, with LED outdoor architectural lighting you have unprecedented flexibility. Unlike obsolete lamps, architectural LED floodlights can create customized lighting scenarios and highlight each affected area avoiding dark areas or uneven light.

Illuminates every corner

Accentuate the light

Achieve scenic results

Highlight every details

The benefits of outdoor architectural lighting

There are many reasons to leave the old HID or mercury vapour lamps and just as many reasons to go towards an eco-sustainable LED choice.

Another focus of architectural lighting? People

It is very important to create the right atmosphere for every public environment, trying to arouse a reaction in people. In fact, emotion can be considered the key element of outdoor architectural lighting projects. Light affects people’s mood and emotional state. Depending on the type of lighting, light may or may not create emotion, thrill, impress, generate well-being. It is precisely for this reason that during the lighting consultancy we help our client to choose the most suitable architectural floodlights to create a sense of harmony and connection with the surrounding environment.

Creating the right atmosphere for any environment

A natural link between people and light

People are psychologically and biologically influenced by the perceptions given by light, both natural and artificial. For this reason, the choice of high quality LED outdoor architectural floodlights becomes very important when it integrates with the urban landscape.

Architectural lighting creates emotion

The colour rendering and light levels of a building must be in complete harmony with those of the surrounding environment, in order to create a harmonious atmosphere. AEC Illuminazione’s task is to support the customer by providing floodlights with a high colour rendering index, capable of emphasizing architectural details, which can thus capture interest and convey emotions.

Emphasize contemporary buildings

Create harmony between the illuminated object and its context with outdoor architectural lighting

Even in outdoor architectural lighting of modern buildings, with a sophisticated design, the main purpose is to create a luminous harmony between the building and the environment. Our task is therefore to help designers to give value to the architecture, geometries and details of contemporary facades and buildings. Each space has its own purpose and with architectural LED floodlights it can be best enhanced through light.

Use light to make your project unique

LED technology applied to outdoor architectural lighting has undergone a very fast evolution that has opened up extraordinary scenarios. Choosing LED lights for a building, a square, an architecture, a moment, means enjoying indisputable advantages that make everything even more flexible: controlling the intensity of the light, the colour temperature, automatically adapting the light according to the exact time of day or better yet, be able to adapt it according to the amount of natural light.

Menage light intensity

Choose color temperature

Flow adapting with natural light

High quality design

With LED you can create original projects

Outdoor architectural lighting is now increasingly present among lighting projects. Now more than ever, in fact, thanks to LED, architects can fully exploit all the potential and versatility of this extraordinary technology to create original and innovative projects capable of giving a new face to cities.

Accent lighting

Emphasize the elements with light

Accent light is part of architectural lighting. This, in fact, is used to highlight some elements of an architecture, a monument or any other subject. Accent lighting tends to illuminate the subject from all directions or only partially to create particular effects. With LED technology spotlights there are no design constraints and therefore many different effects can be created.

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