Architectural LED lighting of the Arezzo Cathedral

AEC Illuminazione was chosen for the new LED architectural lighting of the Arezzo Cathedral, one of the most important symbols of the city. It was one of the most ambitious projects in our city that saw the expertise of many local companies in the field. A job where multiple resources have come together to restore light to a place that has always been fundamental for citizens. AEC, with its Made in Italy, LED floodlights chosen specifically for their quality and efficiency, took care of the complete lighting of the cathedral facade. With the floodlights of the Galileo series, it was possible to highlight every architectural detail, making the colour of the stone homogeneous and natural. Unlike the previous lighting with traditional sodium lamps, with the new LED floodlights, each area of ​​the facade is now perfectly visible and recognizable. The cathedral of Arezzo is an architectural icon and with the new LED lighting, AEC has managed to preserve and accentuate the architectural and religious values ​​of the entire complex.

How was this project born?

The initiative to illuminate one of the most important symbols of the city with LEDs originates from Lions Club Host Arezzo, which has raised the necessary funds for the design of the installation. For 3 years now, there has been talk of redeveloping the Cathedral with LEDs, with the aim of illuminating it homogeneously and allowing the citizens of Arezzo to frequent that important historical area even at night. The project, therefore, wanted to give the façade a night vision similar to the day vision, without distorting its appearance and maintaining a completely uniform and harmonious visual perception.

The objectives of the project

A rebirth for citizens

LED floodlights for architectural lighting at the service of historical monuments

In a certain sense, we can consider the Cathedral’s LED lighting project to be a real rebirth. The Cathedral has always had an important function in the city, as a meeting place for citizens. The area had been poorly illuminated for years and this created a sense of insecurity and discomfort even in frequenting the neighboring areas. With LED lighting, on the other hand, citizens can feel safe and at ease in a comfortable place where every space is illuminated in a constant and uniform way. The Lions Club Host Arezzo has confirmed its satisfaction in seeing the realization of a project they have been craving for years.

Architectural LED lighting

Enhances architecture through light

The new LED lighting of the Cathedral of Arezzo had to bring to light the architectural style of the cathedral, highlighting its characteristics without altering the colours of the materials. For this reason, the floodlights for architectural lighting used in this project use optics with a high colour rendering index (CRI), which have guaranteed citizens and tourists a greater visual experience with architecture.


Illuminated surface

LED sources have lit up of the bell tower


System power

Expressed in Kilowatts


System efficiency

Expressed in the lumen/watt ratio


Color temperature

To restore the original colour of the sandstone

Safer historical areas

Visual comfort for people

Greater visual experience

Product used

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