Sustainable lighting company

A supply chain that respects the environment and public lighting solutions that integrate their technologies to have less impact on the planet. That’s why we are considered a sustainable lighting company.

Our values and commitment

AEC Illuminazione’s corporate philosophy promotes a culture focused on an increasingly sustainable business balance. Being a sustainable company is a relevant factor in AEC Illuminazione’s development process and improvement of business performance: an essential element of its core business. Being a sustainable company also means investing in the territory and in the professional development of the team, with the aim of promoting local economic development, enhancing people’s talents, and passing on various skills from generation to generation, while simultaneously safeguarding the intrinsic characteristic of Made in Italy.

We use renewable energy

Our luminaires are 96% recyclable

Eco-friendly packaging

At AEC, we use cushionPaper™, the corrugated cardboard that meets the sustainability challenge compared to products currently used for packaging. At the same volume, it reduces CO2 emissions, avoids disposal issues, and reduces the amount of paper needed to produce a corrugated cardboard sheet by up to 70%.

Replacing plastic
with an eco-friendly alternative

Our products respect the environment

Solutions that respect the environment and integrate with nature

Our products respect the environment

Solutions that respect the environment and integrate with nature

Film made from recycled raw materials

To wrap and protect palletized goods properly, we have chosen TRIOLOOP™, the stretch film produced with 51% recycled polymer. Produced with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, it allows a significant reduction in the quantity of virgin raw materials.

A more sustainable alternative to traditional stretch film

packaging reduces the consumption of virgin raw materials and CO2 emissions

Why are our luminaires sustainable?

We make cities worldwide more efficient through sustainable design and production policies. We use recyclable materials and minimize the use of plastic for a reduced environmental impact.



80% of the components used in our products come from national suppliers



60% of the materials used in the fixtures are sourced from recycled materials



AEC’s lighting fixtures are entirely recyclable at 96%



The plastic components in the products do not exceed 3%

We invest in green ideas

AEC Illuminazione has always been committed to promoting responsible health and safety practices in workplaces, conducting its activities with respect for the environment and compliance with official local and international regulations. Therefore, the company is committed not only to complying with all applicable legal and other requirements but also, and above all, to guiding its choices in reducing and anticipating potential environmental impacts associated with its entire production cycle and all phases of the life of the fixtures it manufactures and introduces to the market.

More energy savings

Greater durability

Greater safety

Mission: make cities more eco-sustainable

AEC Illuminazione contributes to making cities worldwide more efficient and eco-friendly through energy efficiency projects. Its highly efficient LED lighting systems help reduce CO2 emissions, light pollution, and the disposal of electrical and electronic waste. Respect for the environments we inhabit has always been a fundamental criterion in the company’s projects, and the theme of energy saving contributes to making AEC Illuminazione a sustainable company. Today, AEC has gained significant global trust through numerous energy projects both in Italy and abroad, aimed at the sustainability and energy efficiency of cities.




Our corporate heritage? People.

Being a sustainable company means applying green solutions to our industrial development and raising awareness among our personnel, with the goal of reducing environmental impact, lowering energy consumption, utilizing renewable sources, and minimizing waste. Additionally, we prioritize recyclable raw materials in the production process.

Our Team

Comprising individuals with an average age of 35 years

Engages in over 60 training courses annually

Consistently sensitized to adhere to company green policies

Our awareness projects

AEC Illuminazione acknowledges its responsibility toward the environment and, to be increasingly sustainable, conducts all activities in respect and harmony with its surroundings. Recognizing its responsibility toward future generations, the company implements awareness projects on environmental issues aimed at spreading the principles of “green culture”.

Our initiative with the young ones

“We wanted to give a special gift to all elementary school children because we strongly believe that education and respect for the environment are fundamental principles that everyone should possess. Today’s children can change tomorrow, and we wanted to help them understand the importance of all this”

AEC Marketing dept.

AEC has gifted stainless steel water bottles, the #KIDSBOTTLES. to elementary school children in the area. A sustainable and stylish design solution for daily hydration, aimed at completely eliminating the use of disposable plastic bottles. The water bottles have served as a significant communication tool to raise awareness among both adults and children about the importance of environmental issues and the reduction of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans every day.

Recycled paper notebooks

AEC is committed to promoting important issues related to sustainability and a culture of environmental respect. Our latest initiative to raise awareness among the youngest about the importance of sustainability was to gift personalized notebooks made from 100% recycled paper to elementary school children in Subbiano.

Training courses for AEC team

AEC Illuminazione invests significantly in its personnel, providing continuous training and updates on corporate initiatives. People are the most valuable asset at AEC, enabling competence and professionalism across all aspects of the company. For this reason, frequent meetings, webinars, and training courses are organized, where the entire team is educated and updated on safety regulations, corporate initiatives, new machinery, and environmental regulations. AEC Illuminazione’s commitment to environmental issues extends to every internal department, aiming to raise awareness throughout the team regarding conservation and respect for the environment in which we live.

Creating eco-friendly environments

Because ecology teaches us that our homeland is the entire world

Creating eco-friendly environments

Because ecology teaches us that our homeland is the entire world

Creating eco-friendly spaces

Starting from its own Headquarters, a modern structure that leverages natural light and renewable energies applied to efficient lighting technologies, AEC produces products with a reduced environmental impact. In AEC, there are also various green areas dedicated to nature and the environment: sustainability has always been a personal passion of the Company’s management. Indoor vertical gardens and greenhouses are two examples of green spaces within the AEC Illuminazione Headquarters.

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