Street LED lighting in Nador

The new LED road lighting in Nador has redeveloped the roads of what is the third-largest financial and banking center in Morocco. Nador is a Mediterranean city located on the edge of an immense lagoon and in the center of a rich agricultural region. This region has implemented important urban and road redevelopment projects in order to give an elegant and well-kept profile to the streets of the city. For this reason, the Municipality has relied on AEC Illuminazione products, characterized by a “Made in Italy” design and high performance that guarantee extremely high-quality light. The customer chose AEC’s LED technology in order to achieve important goals such as high energy savings, reduction of light pollution and high visibility on the streets.

The objectives of the intervention

Beautifying the streets of the city with solutions that guaranteed excellent colour rendering, visual comfort and cost reduction was one of the main objectives of the project. Discover all the advantages of LED.

LED street lighting in Nador

An infrastructural enhancement project

The Municipality of Nador had the goal of redeveloping and beautifying the streets of the city through design solutions that guarantee reliability and long-lasting performance. To make the streets even more beautiful and elegant, ITALO was installed on poles with a particular design that characterized the road route. An example of how AEC Illuminazione products are versatile and flexible with the solutions of international manufacturers.

A project that has changed the city

Nador’s LED public lighting has redeveloped the streets of the city with high-quality solutions

The development of Nador’s new LED street lighting has changed the face of the city. AEC Illuminazione together with Luminova, the official distributor for Morocco, have identified in ITALO the luminaire that could best meet the customer’s needs. Increasing road safety by using solutions that enhance the infrastructural context was a goal that could only be achieved by high-performance quality products. Discover all the advantages that AEC Illuminazione can guarantee you when it comes to LED street lighting.

Street LED lighting

Product used

Discover the product used for Nador’s new LED street lighting