Urban LED lighting of Pesaro

With the new urban LED lighting of Pesaro Nazario Sauro waterfront, the Municipality of Pesaro wanted to increase the attractiveness of the tourist site and the usability of the area by pedestrians and cyclists. Today the Municipality of Pesaro boasts a new city center, which has become a large space characterized by a solid harmony of materials, urban furnishings and green spaces. To meet the administration’s commitment to ensure a new, more efficient and more modern LED public lighting, the MASTER 3 urban luminaire was chosen.

More efficient waterfront thanks to new LED lighting

Reduced consumption and clearly illuminated roads

The intervention of LED lighting of the Pesaro seafront has allowed a halving of energy costs and the total absence of maintenance thanks to the long lifespan of the LED sources used by AEC which exceeds 100,000 hours. The appliances can be switched on for longer while consuming less energy than with discharge technology. Discover all the advantages of LED public lighting.

Advantages of LED technology

Enhance the maritime landscape

The new LED lighting of the Pesaro seafront required high-performance solutions that guaranteed, at the same time, an aesthetic impact in line with the surrounding landscape. MASTER 3, chosen in the white colour to enhance the light colours of the maritime landscape, ensures high performance and less light dispersion thanks to the specific optics for urban lighting designed by AEC.

The objectives of the project

Public urban lighting
LED urban lighting lamps designed by AEC
Urban LED lighting of Pesaro

Specific poles for urban lighting

Variety of installations for the Pesaro seafront

The solutions used for the new Pesaro seafront LED lighting are characterized by multiple types of installation and poles for any need. Discover the entire AEC Pole Division area dedicated specifically to the production of public lighting poles.

Discover AEC Pole Division

Product used

Discover the product used for the LED lighting of the Pesaro seafront