LED lighting of the Auckland bridge

AEC Illuminazione and Techlight (Official Partner in New Zealand) have collaborated with WSP Auckland to renovate the LED street lighting on the iconic Auckland Harbor Bridge in New Zealand. This installation, using high-performance LED luminaires, was the culmination of an 8-year project recognized at the 2019 IESANZ New Zealand Chapter Lighting Awards, winning both the Lighting Design Award and the Dark Sky Award from the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand. Sustainability was at the heart of the design brief in order to achieve positive environmental, commercial and community impacts. The benefits of the installation included energy savings of 52%, a reduction in long-term maintenance costs, an improvement in visual comfort and road safety for drivers and a significant reduction in glare in the night sky.

Perfect LED street lighting

Improvement of safety, visual comfort and CO2 emissions

The benefits of using a LED light are certainly obvious. Thanks to the intervention of AEC Illuminazione and Techlight, today drivers can cross the bridge in total safety, without being bothered by glare phenomena, limiting traffic jams and accidents. Discover all the advantages of LED compared to traditional discharge lamps.

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The benefits guaranteed by the steet lighting

The lighting of the Auckland bridge has ensured energy efficiency and greater safety with road lighting with high visual comfort.

Travel with greater safety

Sharp lighting and visual comfort for Auckland traveler

The importance of visual comfort

Travel with greater safety

Sharp lighting and visual comfort for Auckland traveler

The importance of visual comfort

A globally recognized project

A very important intervention aimed at redeveloping the street lighting of one of the major symbols of Auckland. A prestigious project and a great source of pride for AEC, which has been able to exploit its know-how on street lighting to achieve safety, energy efficiency and sustainability objectives with solutions that have highlighted one of the major symbols of the city of Auckland

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Auckland illuminated by the light of AEC Illuminazione

Harbor Bridge’s new LED lighting has enhanced the New Zealand route

Auckland Transport has decided to reduce the energy consumption used for street lighting by up to 52% by choosing AEC Illuminazione. The street lighting solutions are entirely designed and built within the Italian Headquarters with the aim of taking care of each phase of the product to ensure above-average performance. Discover all the applications of LED street lighting.

Road street LED lighting

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Discover the street lighting lamp used in Harbour bridge