Professional LED foodlights for indoor and outdoor sport facilities lighting

Efficient and performing sports lighting solutions for a better experience for players, match officials and spectators.

Sport facilities lighting systems

AEC’s LED sport facilities lighting solutions are designed for recreational and professional sports. Synonymous with innovation and high quality, AEC’s indoor and outdoor sports lighting fixtures are designed and manufactured in order to improve the experience for fans, players and match officials through the high quality of light and reduced energy costs. Choosing AEC as the only official partner for sport lighting means obtaining more efficient, safe and sustainable systems, helping to make the structure a modern and avant-garde place.

Why choose AEC for sports lighting

Efficient your facility

Make your plant more efficient by respecting the regulations

AEC’s LED sport lighting solutions allow you to illuminate your sports facility with long-lasting performance compared to discharge technology. In addition, AEC sport lighting fixtures allow you to have an installation in compliance with and in accordance with the category requirements.

Reduce costs

Reduce energy and maintenance costs of your plant

By choosing AEC’s LED sport lighting solutions you can achieve greater performance with reduced energy costs. Furthermore, thanks to the longer duration of the LED sources compared to discharge, it is possible to eliminate maintenance costs. By choosing AEC as a partner for sports lighting, you have a guaranteed and rapid return on investment.

Enhance the experience

Guarantee a unique experience for players, match officials and spectators

Thanks to the play of light and dynamic content, the sport lighting solutions designed by AEC improve the experience for players, referees and spectators. In addition, thanks to the quality of the light emitted by the LED sources, all television footage is satisfied, transforming your sports facility into a safe and state-of-the-art facility.

LED fixtures for sport facilities lighting

The advantages you cannot do without

Sport facilities lighting application areas

Increase the attractiveness of your sport facility

AEC’s LED sport facilities lighting solutions will allow you to increase the attractiveness of your facility by encouraging people to play sports in a modern and safe space. Increase the visual comfort and well-being of athletes with a uniform and glare-free light beam.

Reliable and safer sport facilities lighting

More light, more safety, fewer injuries

Whether it is an amateur or professional structure, upgrading with AEC’s LED sport facilities lighting systems means guaranteeing people to compete, train or simply have fun in total safety with fewer injuries. Ensuring the safety of people when it comes to sports lighting is certainly one of the key points of AEC’s philosophy. Sports activities require extremely high quality LED lighting fixtures and, in full compliance with current regulations. It is also very important to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries for athletes.

Visual comfort: essential for the players

AEC’s LED sport facilities lighting systems use high visual comfort sources for a better experience for athletes and spectators. LED fixtures for sport lighting ensure high visibility and are glare-free. In sports facilities, it is important to avoid visual disturbances that can annoy the players by negativizing their experience.

Give the best experience to people

With sport facilities lighting you can do more

Give the best experience to people

With sport facilities lighting you can do more

Choose LED sport lighting to reduce energy costs

Choosing to illuminate a sports facility with AEC LED technology means reducing energy consumption thanks to highly efficient solutions. The specific optics designed in AEC’s internal laboratory, in fact, adjust and optimize the lighting according to the needs of the structure, reducing light dispersion and minimizing energy costs.

Indoor sport facilities lighting

Discover LED sports lighting solutions for sports hall

AEC also guarantees you solutions for indoor sports lighting. Redevelop gyms, sports halls, basketball, volleyball or athletics indoor fields in a simple and efficient way with low consumption LED lighting fixtures and high visual comfort. Choose AEC’s know-how on sports lighting to transform your indoor sports facility into a safe and dynamic environment.

Indoor sport lighting

Professional stadium lighting

Discover the sports lighting solutions for stadiums and arenas

The solutions for professional sports lighting for stadiums and arenas have been designed to offer a complete solution in a single package that aims to increase fan engagement and the experience of supporters and athletes in the stadium. Manage every single fixture remotely and create incredible plays of light with high-performance solutions for professional sports lighting.

Solutions for stadiums

Let’s find together the best LED floodlight for your sports facility

Discover the best-selling high quality LED floodlights, specific for the lighting of sports facilities by AEC Illuminazione

Choose a turnkey project AEC Sport Solutions

We follow you at every stage and wherever you are. If you choose AEC as the only partner for your sport facilities lighting, you can count on a single interlocutor who will guarantee you a complete and reliable solution for all phases, from energy analysis to installation. Discover more about our services for sports facilities AEC SPORT SOLUTIONS.

Create light effects with AEC LED floodlights

Turn every match into an incredible spectacle with light shows

Create light effects with AEC LED floodlights

Turn every match into an incredible spectacle with light shows

Easily manage lighting with EASY light app

Guarantee a unique experience for sports lovers and use the EASY light app system to remotely manage the lighting of your sports facility with a simple click.

Sports lighting control system

Easily manage and control your sport facilities lighting

With EASY light app, AEC’s remote lighting control system, you can easily and quickly manage lighting. Control and set your lighting according to pre-established scenarios through a simple and intuitive interface. The LED lights for lighting your structure are in fact managed via wireless communication to your control device to ensure real-time customization of the luminous flux.

Discover EASY light app

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