Outdoor and indooor swimming pool lighting

LED floodlights for public swimming pool with high power and energy efficiency.

Indoor and outdoor LED lights for swimming pools

The LED lighting solutions for indoor swimming pools are designed by AEC to increase the visual comfort of swimmers, coaches and spectators, reducing glare and the structure’s energy costs. Municipal swimming pools are particular areas where athletes must be guaranteed extreme performance thanks to high visual comfort, reducing the reflection phenomena that light exerts on the water. Furthermore, a correct swimming pool lighting installation must guarantee a balanced level of contrasts, to limit the length and darkness of the shadows generated by the structure and objects on the water, creating good visibility and uniformity of lighting in all directions.

The benefits due to LED swimming pool lighting

Efficient your facility

Reduce energy and maintenance costs in compliance with regulations

AEC solutions for LED lighting of municipal and Olympic swimming pools guarantee long-lasting performance both outdoors and indoors with lower energy consumption than discharge lamps. Furthermore, AEC luminaires for LED swimming pool lighting will allow you to have an installation up to standard and in compliance with the category requirements.

Use high performance

Long-lasting performance LED floodlights for public swimming pool

The LED lights for swimming pool designed by AEC use high power light sources that illuminate the pool with extreme quality highlighting the path that swimmers must follow during a race or training.

Increases visual comfort

Comfortable lighting for swimmers and spectators

With AEC solutions for LED lighting of municipal and Olympic swimming pools, you have the possibility to use floodlights with LED sources with high visual comfort, reducing the effects of light glare for an increase in athletes’ performance.

Guaranteed return on investment

Choose to redevelop your facility with LED lights for municipal and olympic swimming pools

Type of applications

Indoor public swimming pool lighting

Outdoor public swimming pool lighting

Optimize management costs

One of the main objectives of AEC when it comes to swimming pool lighting is to ensure the containment of electricity through the various systems for regulating the luminous flux. AEC offers lighting control systems to adjust the flux level according to your needs. AEC’s LED public swimming pool lights ensure greater efficiency, duration and reduced maintenance compared to traditional lamps.

Increase the reputation of your public pool

The municipal swimming pools are large sports facilities that offer a range of services and are frequented by children, adults and families until late every day. Ensuring people carry out their activities safely allows your facility to become a point of reference for the community and improve your business.

More performance for your pool

Safer and more illuminated areas of the pool even at night

Illuminating a public swimming pool means having to ensure a uniformly illuminated area allowing users to carry out their activities in a comfortable and safe way. The swimming pool is a place where people must pay close attention both during physical activity and when heading to the changing rooms. Maintaining high levels of illumination in fact protects swimmers and coaches from injuries and possible falls caused by wet pavement.

Our know-how in one package

Choose to redevelop your system with LED floodlights for public and municipal swimming pools through our brand of AEC Sport Solutions

Examples of public swimming pool lighting

Tolentino Pool

Indoor public swimming pool lighting in Tolentino, Italy.
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Gordon Pool

Outdoor public swimming pool lighting in Tel Aviv, Israel.
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High energy efficiency, reliability guaranteed over time and lighting with high visual comfort

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