Indoor sports lighting: LED lights for sports hall, gym and swimming pool

LED lighting of sports halls, tennis courts, gyms and indoor swimming pools. Greater visual comfort and reduced costs with AEC LED floodlights.

LED floodlights for indoor sports lighting

AEC Illuminazione offers specific solutions for indoor sports facilities lighting of any size, from the smallest to the most complex. Indoor sports facilities are widely used spaces throughout the year and require an adequate type of lighting, capable of guaranteeing a reduction in energy and maintenance costs. In the winter months, for example, the flow of natural lighting is significantly reduced and this can cause shaded and dark areas, with a consequent reduction in athletes’ performance. It is therefore essential to use LED lighting fixtures for indoor sports lighting that ensure visual comfort for players and spectators with uniform lighting of all areas of the structure, increasing the gaming experience and reducing energy costs and maintenance of the structure.

The benefits of LED indoor sports lighting

Uniform illumination

Reduction of shadow areas and high visual comfort

With AEC’s LED fixtures for indoor sports facilities lighting, you get a uniform distribution of the light beam throughout the structure and use LED sources with high visual comfort that improve the experience of spectators and athletes.

Cost reduction

Efficient LED system with reduced maintenance

The LED floodlights for indoor sports lighting designed by AEC use high-performance light sources and reduced energy costs, thanks to the greater efficiency of LED technology compared to discharge lamps. Furthermore, the LED has a duration that exceeds one hundred thousand hours. This allows you to significantly reduce the maintenance of your sports facility.

Increase the experience

Make your facility a safe and state-of-the-art place

Choosing to upgrade an indoor sports facility lighting with LEDs means transforming your facility into a safe and cutting-edge environment, increasing its reputation and encouraging people to use it more. By using a compliant LED light for indoor sports facilities you can also meet the requirements of the federations and host official sports competitions.

Guaranteed and fast return on investment

All the benefits of AEC’s LED solutions for indoor sports facilities lighting

Indoor sports facilities lighting applications

Sports hall lighting

Light up volleyball, basketball, hockey and gyms

The multi-sports facilities host numerous types of indoor sports and require comfortable, precise and uniform lighting. LED indoor sports lighting for sports halls and gyms must take into account precise characteristics, to allow athletes, match officials and spectators to carry out their respective activities quickly and efficiently.

Indoor tennis lighting

Visual comfort and specific optics for both hard and clay courts

The indoor tennis court LED lighting floodlights designed by AEC’s aim to brightly illuminate the entire court, allowing players and spectators to see the ball from any angle. Ensuring the right visual comfort means creating an optimal contrast between the objects and the surrounding environment, eliminating the shadow areas and the phenomena of light glare.

Indoor public pool lighting

Greater safety and high performance for swimmers

The LED floodlights for indoor swimming pool lighting must ensure safety of users and reduce the reflection of the lighting on water. Reflection control is particularly important and allows staff to rescue a swimmer in case of difficulty. For this reason, AEC’s LED floodlights for indoor sports lighting use a type of lighting that meets current regulations and optics with high visual comfort.

Possibility to choose a turnkey package

We also provide complete turnkey packages through our AEC Sport Solutions brand

Ensure maximum visual comfort

Guarantee a better gaming experience without glare due to AEC’s indoor sports facilities lighting solutions

Proper lighting for indoor sports facilities must guarantee the best performance of the players and at the same time the maximum visual experience for the spectators. For this reason, the lighting solutions for indoor sports facilities designed by AEC use a clear LED light that eliminates glare, increasing the visual comfort for people for a pleasant experience.

Manage your indoor sports facilities lighting

Using the AEC’s lighting control systems for indoor sports facilities you can quickly manage the lighting of your structure, reducing energy and maintenance costs. Choose the type of lighting that best suits your needs according to pre-set and customizable scenarios. Control the lighting and remotely manage your installation with a simple and intuitive interface, facilitating installation and reducing maintenance.

Lighting control systems for indoor sports facilities

With Easy light app you can manage the lighting of your facility remotely

Thanks to the specific app designed by AEC Illuminazione, you can manage the LED floodlights for your indoor sports facility directly from your mobile phone. Through wireless connection, you can manage the lighting fixtures independently by choosing different lighting configurations and optimizing resources.

Discover Easy light app

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Some of our LED sport lighting luminaires

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