Industrial LED lighting fixtures: warehouse and manufacturing plants

LED lights for hangars, warehouses and production plants. Made in Italy indoor fixtures for efficient low consumption industrial lighting.

Industrial warehouse LED lighting

Whether it is the lighting of a new building or the energy redevelopment of an existing space, AEC Illuminazione’s solutions for industrial warehouse LED lighting guarantee high energy savings and eliminate maintenance. For adequate industrial lighting of workspaces and manufacturing plants, such as industrial hangarswarehouses  or logistics centers, it is necessary to ensure excellent conditions: homogeneous diffusion of the light beam, high visibility, visual comfort and absence of glare.

Why redevelop a warehouse with LED?

Energy saving

With industrial warehouse LED light fixtures

The expenditure for energy consumption is one of the most important items for industrial warehouses and logistics departments. Replacing traditional lighting with AEC’s modern LED technology leads to a cost reduction of up to 60% and a fast return on investment. In addition, based on the individual needs of the customer, we will evaluate the existing installation and provide clarifications and indications on how to optimize the lighting plan with AEC’s industrial interior solutions.

Visual comfort

Efficient industrial warehouse LED lighting

Industrial interiors often feature narrow corridors and cramped passages. An adequate industrial warehouse LED lighting increases safety by reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Furthermore, choosing LED luminaires with optical systems specially designed for visual comfort ensures the well-being and concentration of the workers.

Free of pollutants

Sustainable LED luminaires for your plant

LED luminaires are perfect for replacing traditional HPS lighting, also with a view to disposal. The LED floodlights are, in fact, completely free of pollutants such as metal halides and sodium vapours.

Choose AEC solutions for Industrial warehouse LED lighting

Reduce spending, increase productivity

Choose efficient LED industrial lighting for best results. Today the costs related to industrial warehouse lighting represent about 80% of the total costs. This is why it becomes essential to be able to monitor and optimize every expense.

LED technology leads to a cost reduction of up to 60%

Reduce the operating costs of your company

Advantages of Industrial warehouse LED lighting

The importance of ensuring efficient, safe and performing workspaces

Increase visual comfort

Increase visibility and safety

Reduce energy consumption

Increase people’s productivity

Safety in the workplace

With LEDs, people work in total safety and comfort

Large industrial warehouses often have no windows and have high shelf structures where people must be able to move quickly and safely. AEC’s industrial warehouse LED lighting fixtures are the ideal solution to ensure high visibility and visual comfort. Choosing LED lights for industry allows you to create a safe, well-illuminated workspace and promote employee well-being thanks to high-quality LED lighting.

Improves the feeling of well-being

With AEC’s industrial warehouse LED lighting fixtures you create welcoming workplaces

With AEC’s industrial warehouse LED lighting fixtures you significantly improve the feeling of well-being by creating welcoming and comfortable work areas. Visual comfort in companies is a fundamental requirement. Light has a decisive influence on the perception of a work environment, with reflections on the state of mind of people. A work environment must be able to ensure visual clarity and avoid glare.

Choosing the right product makes the difference

If the lighting of the workplace is not adequate, visual disturbances, a sense of fatigue and poor production yield can be created.

Discover the main products for industrial warehouse LED lighting

LED floodlights for manufacturing plant, warehouses, logistics and production departments.

Other reasons to choose industrial LED floodlights

Polycarbonate screens for the food sector

Not only for industry, but AEC also provides specially designed solutions for LED lighting in the food sector and cold storage, where regulations are even more stringent and it is not possible to install fixtures equipped with glass. AEC industrial LED lighting fixtures for indoor lighting can also be equipped with special polycarbonate screens, specific for the lighting of the food industry sector, thus ensuring compliant systems and safe and comfortable lighting for operators.

Polycarbonate screens

An installation that complies with regulations

Wellness for operators

Industrial LED lighting of refrigerated warehouses

AEC provides also industrial LED lighting of refrigerated warehouses. The rigid temperatures often present in the food industry sector lead to problems with lighting with traditional lamps, making frequent maintenance necessary. Conversely, LED lighting fixtures perform the best right where it is cold, ensuring a high and constant luminous fluxwithout the need for maintenance, thus reducing production blocks and staff interventions.

Reliability even at low temperatures

Forget about production blocks and staff interventions.

AEC Illuminazione’s LED luminaires allow an even faster return on investment in cold store lighting: compared to a traditional lamp system, the LED solution consumes significantly less and does not overload the refrigeration system. In fact, AEC industrial LED lighting fixtures produce significantly less heat, to the advantage of the warehouse refrigeration system. By lowering both lighting and refrigeration consumption, operating costs are further optimized.

We follow you in every design phase

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Energy analysis

Tailored for you.

Regardless of whether you are replacing some fixtures or completely renovating the lighting system, we can help you find the best possible solution, with a view to energy saving and performance. Ask us for a free consultation, together we will create a detailed plan tailored for you by analyzing the pre-existing situation.

Light consultancy

Our know-how at your service.

AEC Illuminazione’s know-how is at your service. We will help you create the most effective long-term lighting plan possible: from a completely new installation to a simple LED retrofit. Rely on us to receive personalized and targeted advice according to your real needs.

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