LED lighting for production halls: Rivacold

Rivacold was founded in 1966 as a supplier of condensing units and hermetic systems for the main manufacturers of refrigeration counters and cabinets. AEC Illuminazione was chosen to illuminate the company’s production interiors using LED floodlights for indoor lighting and industrial warehouses. The main objective of the project was to increase the energy efficiency of the structure and, at the same time, ensure quality lighting and visual comfort for the workers.

The advantages of the intervention

Uniform lighting throughout the area

Greater productivity for workers

Increased security of the shed

Less energy consumption and maintenance

Flexibility for any industrial interior

Versatile floodlights for LED lighting of production areas

The AEC Illuminazione floodlights used to illuminate Rivacold’s internal production area have numerous fixing possibilities and allow you to use the solution that best meets your needs without interventions on existing infrastructures. You will have the opportunity to be assisted by a team of experts to choose the best technical solution for your industrial interior.

Industrial LED lighting

A comfortable place to work

Using LED floodlights that guaranteed greater visual comfort for workers by reducing glare was one of the main objectives ensured by AEC. The Rivacold company is a specialized company that needed ad hoc solutions to transform its production area into a pleasant and safe place to work, helping to increase the productivity of operators and reducing the risk of accidents at work.

LED lighting for production halls

Green lighting for industrial warehouses

By choosing AEC Illuminazione’s LED floodlights, Rivacold supported a green project. AEC luminaires for LED lighting in production areas, in fact, are perfect for replacing traditional HPS lamps also with a view to disposal, as they are completely free of pollutants such as metal halides and sodium vapours.