Tunnel lighting control systems

Install, control and manage road tunnel lighting quickly and easily due to tunnel lighting controls.

Intelligent tunnel lighting controls

The remote tunnel lighting control systems designed by AEC will allow you to manage the fixtures lighting quickly and easily. Through an intelligent control system of road tunnel lighting with a dedicated interface, it will be possible to adjust the light output of the LED sources and monitor the status of the luminaires. Specifically designed for road tunnel LED lighting, those systems allow you to reduce energy and maintenance costs, as well as facilitate the installation of LED luminaires. For example, it will be possible to automatically adjust the intensity of the lighting entering and exiting the tunnel, thereby increasing visual comfort and safety for drivers. Through AEC’s remote tunnel lighting control systems you can facilitate the installation and maintenance of the tunnel, allowing you to minimize closures and optimize maintenance for a quick return on investment.

Advantages of tunnel lighting control systems

Tunnel lighting controls possibilities

Complete solutions

AEC as your partner for tunnel lighting

The remote tunnel lighting control systems designed by AEC allow you to differentiate your project based on the needs and size of the tunnel. AEC offers complete consultancy and design for any tunnel lighting project.

Configure the system

According to your needs

The tunnel lighting control systems allow you to add optional components according to your needs, in order to organize a connected architecture among the AEC road tunnel lighting floodlights in the same way.

Connect with the system

Manage the system quickly

Monitor and manage tunnel lighting by connecting to the monitoring system using the SCADA network or remotely.

How tunnel lighting control system works

AEC’s road tunnel lighting control systems have been designed with the aim of optimizing tunnel lighting and facilitating its installation, management and maintenance. Choose the configuration that best reflects your needs.

tunnel lighting control systems

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