Industrial LED lighting of Tecnoquadri

AEC’s industrial LED floodlights for manufacturing plant have been designed to create efficient, comfortable and safer working environments. The new industrial LED lighting from Tecnoquadri, an electronics and electromechanical manufacturing company, was created with AEC indoor lighting products, with the aim of redeveloping the internal plant. Thanks to the intervention of AEC it was possible to create efficient working conditions by increasing safety, cognitive performance, reaction times and reducing the feeling of fatigue in workers.

The benefits guaranteed by the intervention

Ensure well-illuminated areas for people

Indoor lighting is undoubtedly a fundamental point as it can have significant effects on the mood of workers and create a sense of well-being. AEC solutions for industrial LED lighting of manufacturing plants have illuminated the work areas with maximum quality and high visual comfort, helping to increase the perception of well-being on the part of workers who can carry out their activities in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Make your company an efficient and green place

Tecnoquadri’s new industrial LED lighting has achieved energy efficiency objectives with low environmental impact solutions.

Guaranteed return on investment

Choose a plant that pays for itself

The new lighting of the Tecnoquadri Srl company obtained with LED floodlights for industrial warehouses has used a low-consumption technology that has made it possible to significantly reduce fixed costs for a quick and guaranteed return on investment.