LED tunnel lighting of Årnes Tunnel

Highway 36 is the main road from the Grenland area to Seljord in West Telemark, where it meets the E134. Today the road is characterized by many tight curves and confusing sections, which increases the risk of accidents and the travel time for those who travel on it. Therefore, several improvement projects have been started on the road and one of the largest is the section between Slåttekås in Nome and Årnes in Sauherad. The update is based on the existing road, but the road width will be increased to 8.5 m at the same time as more curves are straightened and visibility conditions improved. The LED tunnel lighting solutions were chosen by the Norwegian municipality for the new lighting of this section.

Clear and uniform tunnel lighting

High performance LED lighting of Årnes Tunnel

For the new LED lighting of Årnes Tunnel the LED floodlights for tunnels Galileo, 96 Galileo 3 EB fixtures for drive-in lights and 17 Galileo 1 for the inner area of ​​the tunnel were installed. The new road project also provides for the extension of the existing cycle and pedestrian path to cover the entire stretch.

LED Tunnel lighting
LED tunnel lighting fixture
LED Tunnel lighting

The advantages of the intervention

Above-average performance, cost reduction and improvement of viability with sustainable solutions. This is the AEC concept for the new LED lighting of the Årnes tunnel. Discover all the benefits.

Increase visual comfort

Glare-free LED sources

The specific LED sources for road tunnel lighting reduce the phenomena of light glare, improving the driver’s experience.

Improve signage

More effective signage thanks to LED light

The floodlights for tunnel lighting ensure light uniformity of the road allowing a greater understanding of road signs.

Security in all tunnel areas

Reduce traffic jams and accidents

The specific LED sources for tunnel lighting allow travellers to maintain constant speed by reducing sudden braking.

Product used

Discover the products used for the new LED lighting of Årnes Tunnel