LED public urban lighting of Castello Square

The new LED public urban lighting of Castello Square was an urban redevelopment project aimed at enhancing the important historical area of ​​the Castle of Copertino, a 13th-century fortified architecture that constitutes the oldest nucleus of the Apulian city. The new square was inaugurated in September 2019 and the project was designed by architect Pierpaolo Papi, who awarded the minimalism of the MOD 2.0 URBAN 200 series on RX pole. The series, specifically designed by AEC Illuminazione for street lighting, has in fact guaranteed high performance and visual comfort for citizens while enhancing the architecture of the Angevin Castle without impacting the architectural context.

The context

A fortified building dating back to the thirteenth century and renovated in the Renaissance

The urban fabric, characterized by a narrow sixteenth-century road layout, suddenly opens into the large space of a square where the white colour of the stone had to be enhanced without being altered.

The project

Guarantee a new space for citizens and tourists by enhancing the Angevin Castle

The redevelopment of the entire area, with modern elements of street lighting, aimed to create new meeting spaces around the symbolic defensive structure and the beautiful Renaissance portal.

The AEC solution

Redevelop the area with design solutions for street lighting

LED lighting with 4000K colour temperature and design luminaires with simple and decisive lines have provided new possibilities for interpreting a symbolic place for the local community.

Urban lighting fixtures that makes the difference

The new LED public urban lighting of Castello Square highlights the area of ​​cultural interest.

The new LED lighting in Castello Square guaranteed visual comfort, enhancing the architectural beauty of the surrounding context. AEC Illuminazione products have proved to be the winning choice for embellishing the historic area and at the same time reducing energy consumption thanks to LED technology. A multi-factor success, aimed at increasing the value of the site by encouraging more citizens and tourists to visit the area thanks to the light. To sign the final and executive project SAB Srl, Eng. Guido Casto and the architect Andrea Casto.

Urban lighting at the service of citizens

The LED urban lighting project in Castello Square wanted to bring local and typical materials of Apulian architecture revisited in a minimal and modern key to a historical context of Salento. This is why MOD 2.0 URBAN on the RX pole was the choice that best met the needs of designers. Colours and shapes, typical of tradition but lightened and simplified to give citizens and tourists a new space that can also be used at night.

A project that creates value for people

The new LED lighting in Castello Square has contributed to increasing the attractiveness of the area by using AEC Illuminazione’s street lighting solutions. A space that has become more livable, thanks to the increase in safety and activities in the place. Furthermore, the specific light sources made it possible to guarantee greater visual comfort for people, for a greater experience in the square.

MOD 2.0 URBAN 200

An elegance, impossible to hide

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