LED public lighting of the city of Modena

The new lighting in Modena follows the example of many other Italian cities that have chosen AEC’s light to redevelop their streets and squares. The Administration chose I-TRON street luminaire for the energy efficiency of the streets of the city, while ECORAYS and MOD 2.0 URBAN for thelighting of parks and squares. I-TRON has guaranteed well-illuminated streets, thus also redeveloping the suburbs and increasing the safety and well-being of citizens. MOD 2.0 URBAN on pole RX and ECORAYS urban lighting luminaires were instead installed in some squares and represent a clear example of how well-designed luminaires can be able to add value to a city by increasing its attractiveness.

Modena, an efficient city

LED street lighting in Modena with reduced energy consumption

The new LED public lighting in the city of Modena had the objective of using highly energy-saving luminaires that would guarantee a reduction in costs for the Municipality. The high-traffic streets of Modena were illuminated with high-performance luminaires and reduced energy costs, using specific long-lasting light sources, for a net reduction in maintenance. Find out more about the benefits of choosing AEC for your street lighting projects.

LED street lighting

The objectives of the project

Redeveloping the lighting of Modena with AEC products has ensured a transformation of the city in terms of energy efficiency, safety in the most attractive streets and public areas. Once again AEC Illuminazione has satisfied the needs of the Municipality thanks to its know-how on public lighting.

Enhance the architectural landscape with light

The new LED public lighting of the city of Modena was not only supposed to guarantee energy efficiency but had the task of enhancing the urban areas of the city, increasing their safety and attractiveness for citizens and tourists.

LED urban street lighting

Safer squares with LED light

Greater social inclusion in public areas with well-illuminated squares

The intervention on the new LED public lighting in the city of Modena was also an important redevelopment project of the city’s squares. High power LED sources and visual comfort allow citizens to use the spaces even at night in total safety. Light becomes an important communication vehicle for Modena, using quality light, AEC has contributed to creating places for social sharing. Find out more about the importance of visual comfort for public areas.

Visual comfort in urban lighting

Products used

Discover the products used for the new LED public lighting in the city of Modena