El Jadida LED public street lighting

El Jadida is a Moroccan city located in the Casablanca-Settat region. It is a rapidly growing city thanks to strong economic activity at the nearby Jorf Lasfar port and industrial area. The city is located 90 kilometres south of Casablanca and has also been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Public Administration of El Jadida has decided to improve the quality of the services offered to citizens, also taking important initiatives relating to public lighting. In fact, the project aimed at the redevelopment of the El Haouzia area. AEC proposed ITALO3: high efficiency LED street lighting in die-cast aluminium, which has been able to ensure high visual comfort and greater safety on the roads. The intervention of AEC has ensured the Moroccan municipality important improvements in terms of energy-saving and reduction of maintenance costs, with a net reduction of CO2 emissions.

A new LED public street lighting in El Jadida

Lower consumption for the municipality and urban development

The Moroccan municipality has reduced 45% of energy consumption thanks to the street lighting of AEC Illuminazione. ITALO, a leading LED luminaire for street lighting and energy efficiency projects, was installed on poles with a particular design to enhance and embellish the infrastructural fabric of one of the most expanding Moroccan cities. Another important intervention in the Moroccan territory, which saw the collaboration between AEC Illuminazione and the partners of the territory to provide a new light to the city.

LED Public Lighting

The benefits guaranteed by the intervention

Cost reduction, urban development and safety of the city streets were the objectives achieved by the intervention. Another important reality illuminated by AEC which, once again, has contributed to making cities around the world more sustainable.

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Increased attractiveness thanks to the light

The ambitious energy efficiency project with LED technology in the streets of El Jadida aimed to increase the perception of safety by citizens, increasing the brightness of the streets with a road lighting of high visual comfort. In collaboration with industrial companies in the area, ITALO3 was installed on special decorative poles, ensuring the project important values ​​of recognizability. Thanks to this intervention, the notoriety of the city by visitors, is now significantly increased. Discover more about the advantages that AEC guarantees in LED street lighting projects.

Product used

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