LED street lighting of Skjervoy

The new LED street lighting of Skjervoy was realized by AEC with ITALO, one of the most used products in energy efficiency and street lighting projects. Skjervoy is a municipality of 474 square kilometres and, with a population of 2,927 inhabitants, is the two hundred twelfth largest by area of ​​the 356 municipalities in Norway. The Skjervøy Bridge is a beam bridge in the municipality of Skjervøy that crosses the Skattørsundet Strait and is of vital importance for Norwegian infrastructure. ITALO was installed to illuminate the streets of this area, with the aim of increasing safety and reducing energy costs for the municipality with solutions that ensure high visual comfort.

High performance for the new Skjervoy LED public street lighting

When the quality of light makes the difference

The Skjervøy Bridge is a strategic connecting point between the Norwegian fjords. A geographical area characterized by long polar nights that last 24 hours in winter. The importance of proper LED lighting allows drivers to travel in total safety, minimizing risks and increasing the attention threshold.

The objectives of the intervention

Skjervoy’s LED public lighting complied with the objectives of energy efficiency, increased road traffic and uniformly distributed lighting throughout the area. Choose AEC Illuminazione for your street lighting project.

Light uniformity for the safety of people

The new LED street lighting of Skjervoy ensured maximum safety while minimizing the risks for the driver. ITALO, the LED street lighting fixture choiced for this project, ensures perfect uniformity of light on the road using less electricity and enhancing, at the same time, the surrounding landscape.

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Certified solutions for the roads of Norway

Tromsø’s LED street lighting has redeveloped Norwegian roads with comfortable light

The intervention in the Norwegian area required solutions with high visual comfort that guaranteed a better driving experience for travelers. By interacting with local partners, AEC Illuminazione has proven to be the reference point for road lighting projects at an international level, with Zhaga D4i certified LED street lamps that guarantee modularity of components and high-level performance. Learn more about certification.

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Product used

Discover the product used for LED street lighting of Skjervoy