LED sports hall lighting of Padua Palaindoor

AEC Illuminazione was chosen by the Municipality of Padua to illuminate the Palaindoor of the city, a unique indoor sports hall of its kind in the whole of northern Italy. The Palaindoor of Padova is a stable structure for indoor athletics and from 21 to 22 February 2015, it hosted the Italian Indoor Athletics Championships. The structure has a portion equipped for athletics and a portion equipped as a gym for artistic gymnastics, in addition to changing rooms, bar and secretarial services. The LED lighting solutions for sports halls and indoor gyms designed by AEC were chosen for the new internal lighting of the structure, guaranteeing top-level performance and a net reduction in energy and maintenance costs.

A reference point for sportsmen

Modern structure enhanced by AEC sports lighting solutions

The sports hall of Padova is a structure of sporting excellence dedicated mainly to two disciplines: artistic gymnastics and athletics. The Palaindoor offers several platforms for pole vaulting: the main platform, a secondary one, one located on the platform of the long and a fourth outside. There are also various useful equipment for athletic activity and especially for pole vaulting: weight lifting machinery and an area for freerunning.

The benefits guaranteed by the project

Visual comfort for athletes and spectators

Guarantee a comfortable and glare-free viewing experience

Ensuring uniform lighting with high visual comfort was certainly one of the main factors of the Palaindoor in Padova. The AEC solutions for LED lighting of sports halls have ensured a reduction in shadow areas with glare-free light sources, allowing athletes to compete and train at maximum performance and spectators a comfortable visual experience.

Ease of installation for any system

The LED lighting solutions for sports halls designed by AEC and used for the Padua project include versatile fixing systems to avoid intervening on existing infrastructures, making installation easier and more reliable. For the new indoor lighting, the customer chose the  Galileo EB series: a high-performance solution designed for multiple installations, including indoor lighting for sports facilities.

LED sports hall lighting

Used product

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