LED public lighting of Ørsta

AEC took care of the new LED public lighting of Ørsta and its streets. The products chosen to perfectly meet all the lighting needs of the project were ECORAYS, ARTELYS and ITALO. The  LED street lamps were installed in the main squares, parking areas and urban areas of the city. The goal of this project was to give new light to pedestrian areas, roads and rest areas, using comfortable and top quality LED lighting ensuring high performance and reduced energy costs.

The key points of the project

A proper public street lighting

Sharp light and improvement of the visual experience of citizens

Through the Ørsta LED public lighting project, the objectives of cost reduction and redevelopment of the streets and public areas of the city have been achieved. Ørsta is a Norwegian town located in the central-western part of the country, on the Norwegian Sea, characterized like all cities in northern Europe by long winter nights. This is why the use of extremely high-performance and long-lasting LED sources was the key point of the project, which wanted to give new light to the town.

LED public lighting

Public lighting solutions that make the difference

Perfectly illuminated streets thanks to AEC technology

Ørsta LED urban lighting made by AEC required considerable know-how on urban lighting. Thanks to modern LED technology applied to top quality luminaires, the streets of the city have been perfectly illuminated and at the same time embellished with aesthetically pleasing luminaires. People will now be able to use the city spaces even at night in a safe and comfortable way. Find out more about AEC solutions for public lighting.

Urban lighting

Lighting for service areas and parking lots

Service areas are public spaces where maximum visual comfort must be guaranteed without reducing the performance of the luminaire. For this reason, AEC’s solutions have been specifically designed to ensure total safety for the citizens and drivers of Ørsta. Find out more about AEC’s solutions for parking areas lights

car parking lights
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