Outdoor parking lot led lighting & parking area lighting

Lighting systems for public and private outdoor car parks. Make your car park a safe and energy-efficient place.

Reduce management costs and increase security

The choice of LED lighting systems for parking lot lighting and parking area lighting is crucial in making it safe and welcoming. The light must create a pleasant atmosphere that ensures a positive experience for those who choose that particular car park. Lighting, therefore, plays a fundamental role.

Increases the safety of the area

Protected parking spaces

Light plays an important role when people are moving to their car in the parking lot in the evening. Choose LED lighting systems to illuminate the entire parking area in a uniform and brilliant way.

Reduce your energy consumption

Save on operating costs

With LED systems, you reduce energy management costs by up to 80% compared to obsolete lamps. With the LED light you also save on maintenance and replacement costs.

Choose a Smart and green technology

Adjust the light intelligently

LED technology allows, by adjusting the luminous flux, to manage the light intensity based on natural light or a specific time of day. This, therefore, translates into lower energy consumption and a reduction in carbon dioxide.

With the LED you get maximum visibility

Reduce the grey areas for a positive customer experience

With the LED you get maximum visibility

Reduce the grey areas for a positive customer experience

Benefits that other technologies cannot give you

The advantages of LED car parking lighting

It is essential that the parking lots are always well illuminated. If you want to increase the traffic and reputation of the car park, then you must ensure maximum visibility and safety. The LED lighting fixtures for parking-lot-led-lighting-fixtures ensure excellent light quality, free from flickering and immediate switching on with the possibility of adjusting the luminous flux as needed. It is equally important to choose who will carry out the lighting project as this must be well designed to ensure maximum visibility, visual comfort and thus to facilitate the movement of cars and the movement of pedestrians.

How much does light affect appearance?

Security as a key factor

Don’t forget about people

Security as a key factor

Don’t forget about people

Prevent crimes inside the car parks

Car thefts, assaults and acts of vandalism are the most common crimes within car parks. The frequency of these episodes is high and very often the main reason is due precisely to the fact that parking lots often find themselves with obsolete lighting where shaded areas prevail and general lighting is not uniform. In fact, for this reason, our task is to help administrations and managers in the redevelopment of these areas through intelligent lighting systems with high visibility.

Ensure visual comfort with efficient parking lot lighting

Forget the glare

Make sure people get not bothered by the lighting. Specific optics, designed to ensure maximum visibility and reduce the glare effect.

Assure a quality parking service to the citizen with

Parking for citizens, workers and tourists

Upgrade your parking lot and make it a place accessible to anyone. Citizens, as well as tourists and workers, must be encouraged to choose it.

Optimize operation in the parking area with lighting

Manage costs

Old lamps generate high costs related to electricity, maintenance and replacement. In a LED-illuminated car park, on the other hand, costs are significantly reduced thanks to the efficiency and long life of the LED.

Why redevelop a car park with LEDs?

As we have seen, the advantages of parking lot lighting and parking area lighting are many and we can summarize them as follows.

Get unprecedented uniformity

Encourage people to feel safe with LED luminaires

The lifespan of the LED source of over 100,000 hours.

The industrial parking lots

LED lighting of a company car park

Companies residing in industrial areas often operate very large parking lots. The function of the parking, in this case, is crucial for people and employees. Also, in this case, the rule is always the same: ensure perfect usability with a perfectly illuminated area, without shadow areas and without glare effects.

More performance for your parking

Create a functional area for people

More performance for your parking

Create a functional area for people

Minimize accidents and damage

LED lighting also helps you in this

Outdoor parking lot led lighting is also very important to minimize the risk of damage and accidents. In low light, it is easier to not see any obstacles well. For this, we will help you in identifying the most suitable lighting solution for your project.

Increase positive customer reviews

By upgrading the parking area with LED lighting systems, you will consequently improve the visitor experience and consequently, you can increase the number of positive opinions from customers.

With LED you reduce the number of electronic waste

Choosing LED technology for parking lot lighting and parking area lighting means making a sustainable investment. Thanks to the long lifespan of the LEDs, you reduce the consumption of electricity and consequently reduce the CO2 footprint on the planet. With their high performance, LED street lights do not require special maintenance or replacement actions: another reason why you will reduce the number of electronic waste.

Create ad hoc lighting scenarios

Make sure the light is uniform

Increase the profit of your business

Make the parking area safe and secure

Parking lot LED lighting also for shopping centers

More light, more safety, more people.

The parking lot of a shopping center or supermarket is a kind of business card and for this, it becomes essential to make a good first impression. Having the parking area illuminated with LEDs and therefore with a clear and sharp light that guarantees high visibility and uniformity, attracts and entices people. When exiting the supermarket, especially in the evening, people must be able to move freely in total safety and tranquillity in the parking lot. For managers, the choice of LED translates into savings in operating costs of up to 80%. It is very important to have a good lighting project as the basis, which then translates into the choice of an excellent product and efficient results.

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