Airport car parking LED lighting

After nearly 30 years of growth at the airport, some important services have been implemented for travellers while maintaining constant attention to environmental issues. Manchester Airport’s LED lighting project featured the completion of Terminal 1’s multi-level car park. Manchester Airport is the city’s main airport and opened in 1938. Today it is the 45th passenger airport in the world and the fourth in the UK. An important project where AEC Illuminazione, once again, guaranteed optimal energy efficiency and greater safety of the area with the new LED street lamps.

The benefits guaranteed by the intervention

Discover all the benefits guaranteed by AEC lighting at the Manchester airport car park

Safety for operators and travellers

Sharp, quality LED light

LED lighting solutions for airports increase the safety of the area by safeguarding people’s activities.

Greater energy efficiency and less costs

Less operating and maintenance costs

AEC’s parking lot lighting have enabled Manchester airport to reduce energy and maintenance costs.

Increased attractiveness of the area

A reference point for travellers

LED fixtures for airport lighting increase the attractiveness of the structure by boosting its commercial activities.

Safer parking thanks to LED light

More security in the airport parking area

Thanks to the new LED lighting, the Manchester Terminal 1 car park has halved energy costs with high visibility conditions, uniformity of light and greater safety throughout the area. Discover all the advantages of car parking lighting with AEC Illuminazione’s LED technology.

Parking Lot Lighting

The numbers of the project

The lighting of an airport car park works constantly and must therefore use high levels of performance with lower electricity consumption, to allow the local municipality to reduce costs and minimize maintenance interventions. Discover all the advantages that LED technology offers.


Energy saving

Percentage of energy saved


Pole height used

Height from the ground of the light points


Outgoing luminous flux

Light energy emitted in the unit of time

Car parking and parking lot lighting