LED tunnel lighting of Hamnøy tunnel

The Hamnøy Tunnel is a road tunnel on the Norwegian highway E10 in the municipality of Moskenes. The tunnel was started in November 2011 and opened to traffic on 23 December 2013. Norway confirms itself as a nation very attentive to the issue of safety and environmental sustainability by choosing AEC products for LED lighting of Hamnøy tunnel. AEC Illuminazione’s systems have ensured a significant reduction in energy and maintenance costs by using long-lasting performance and increasing safety for drivers with less impact on the environment.

LED fixtures for road tunnel lighting

Quality light for greater safety on the tunnel

The solutions used for LED lighting of Hamnøy tunnel have made it possible to increase safety for travellers by reducing the number of road accidents and keeping the flow of traffic flowing. Thanks to quality lighting distributed throughout the tunnel, in fact, drivers can travel at a constant speed. The T-LED3 luminaire also ensures incredible performance and long-lasting mechanical properties thanks to its all-steel body against galvanic corrosion.

The benefits guaranteed by the intervention

The LED floodlights for road tunnel lighting are entirely designed in AISI 316L stainless steel for total resistance to galvanic corrosion which ensures incredible durability. Discover all the advantages of using LEDs for road tunnel lighting.

Cost reduction

Less electrical costs and maintenance

The LED sources have allowed the Norwegian municipality to save on electricity costs thanks to their efficiency. At the same time, maintenance has also been significantly reduced thanks to the long lifespan of the LED sources.

Remote control systems

Optimized lighting and quick managing

Due to the remote control systems for road tunnel lighting, it is possible to manage and optimize the lighting system in a simple and quick way.

Visual comfort

Uniform distribution of the luminous flux

The LED sources use dedicated optics that minimize energy waste by distributing the luminous flux uniformly throughout the tunnel, drastically reducing the effects of light glare.

Manage lighting by reducing risks

Automatically monitors and adjusts lighting thanks to remote control systems for road tunnels

The solutions used for the LED lighting of Hamnøy tunnel envisaged the use of remote control systems that allow automatic adjustment of the luminous flux, allowing to further reduce the waste of electricity with the possibility of monitoring the conditions of the plant and traffic trends. Find out more about remote control systems for road tunnels.

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