LED service station lighting of Espa Center

AEC’s LED public lighting fixtures were chosen by the Norwegian municipality of Stange for the new LED service station lighting of Espa Service Center. The shopping complex includes, in addition to the petrol station, supermarkets, fast food restaurants and large car parks, constituting an area where travellers can stop and carry out their activities. The goal of the new lighting of the complex was to increase the safety of the area and the attractiveness of the structure. Thanks to the quality of LED light, in fact, people are more inclined to stop and spend more time in the center, carrying out activities in a pleasant and safe way.

The benefits guaranteed by the intervention

Discover all the benefits guaranteed by the new LED lighting from Espa Service Center, designed by AEC with the performances of ITALO and ECORAYS. Learn more about LED for parking and petrol stations.

More security

Quality lighting for service stations

The LED lighting solutions for service stations designed by AEC illuminate the area clearly and uniformly, safeguarding the area from criminals and vandalism.

Greater savings

Lower consumption and maintenance

LED street lights that use less energy with greater performance than discharge lamps make AEC solutions a guarantee for the lighting of service stations.

Greater attractiveness

More people for your business

Improve people’s experience with AEC’s LED public lighting fixtures. The well-illuminated area entices people more to stop and spend more time in the center.

LED service station lighting of Espa Center
street lighting fixture

Create a welcoming and safe gas station

The new LED lighting project of Espa Service Center has made it possible to create a safe, welcoming and pleasant place to stop, improving the experience of the people and the commercial development of the area.

Safer and more efficient parking

LED street lights for car parks and service stations

Illuminating the Stange service station with AEC Illuminazione’s LED light allowed the local municipality to reduce consumption on their energy bills by 30%, while at the same time saving on maintenance costs given the long lifespan of the LED sources. Illuminate a car park by choosing AEC LED street lamps means guaranteed safety and high visual comfort due to the reduction of glare phenomena.

Large Area Lighting

Product used

Discover the products used for the LED lighting of Espa Service Center