LED lighting of Elephant & Castle

The United Kingdom confirms its attention to the theme of urban redevelopment and sustainability by choosing ITALO for the new LED lighting of Elephant & Castle, south of London. The important redevelopment project of what was previously a degraded area of ​​the metropolis, took place using fixtures with a particular colour and design, to enhance the new landscape architecture. The project is regarded as one of the largest regeneration projects in central London and involved the construction of the shopping center, a new campus for the London College of Communication and a 1.25-acre area adjacent to Elephant Road.

An important urban lighting project

Greater safety in residential areas with AEC Illuminazione’s LED light

378 new homes and 278 student units in the College area with new supermarkets, restaurants, gyms and cafes. The redevelopment of Elephant & Castle also takes place thanks to AEC’s urban lighting fixtures.

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Increased visual comfort with lower energy costs

Benefits for citizens and energy savings for the local municipality

The LED urban lighting solutions used in the Elephant & Castle project have increased the level of visual comfort for the local community. Citizens and tourists can now visit the commercial areas and adjacent parks in total safety even at night, without suffering glare.

What’s visual comfort

Increase attractiveness of your city with light

The redevelopment of the Elephant & Castle district saw AEC’s urban lighting solutions as a powerful ally to increase the attractiveness of the new area. Thanks to the new LED light, the district has been transformed into a new city center that serves as the hub and focal point of the local community.

Street Lighting AEC High Quality LED Street Lights

Characterize the space

Realization of special design poles and custom colour for the customer’s request

The new Elephant & Castle district hosts new shopping centers, residential areas and commercial centers that increase more business opportunities for the population. Thanks to the intervention of AEC, the new center was conceived with design solutions that enhance the surrounding environment and make it a destination for visitors.

AEC Pole Division

Improve the safety of the area

Smart solutions for the safety of new residential areas

The new residential and leisure areas of Elephant & Castle have been equipped with smart lighting systems, supporting special cameras to allow monitoring of the area.

Smart lighting