LED street lighting of Casablanca

AEC was chosen for the new LED lighting in Casablanca, one of the most important cities in Morocco. In this beautiful city, AEC Illuminazione has completed numerous projects aimed at the redevelopment of roads, highways and tourist districts with LED technology, such as the “Highway Entrance Casablanca Airport” or the boulevards of the “La Corniche“district. For the city of Casablanca, AEC Illuminazione’s solutions were chosen for their incredible performance enclosed in an iconic and recognizable design for its sector. For several years, Morocco has become a country extremely attentive to environmental issues, including light pollution and CO2 emissions. AEC Illuminazione’s luminaires have guaranteed the Moroccan municipality extremely low energy costs with a net reduction in CO2 emissions and light pollution.

Night visibility

Safe roads

The municipality of Casablanca wanted to give citizens and tourists safe roads where they can travel in total tranquillity and safety thanks to a clearly visible and comfortable LED light. The LED allows you to modulate the light emission, allowing you to also analyze traffic, weather and luminance. AEC offers innovative solutions that always guarantee high safety standards.

Visual comfort

Clearly visible roads

LED illuminated roads guarantee excellent visibility conditions and visual comfort. Driving without being bothered by the light is of utmost importance. For this reason, AEC Illuminazione designs optics capable of maintaining high performance, reducing the glare effect.

Cost reduction

Lower energy expenditure and maintenance

The use of LED technology for the new public lighting of the streets of Casablanca has ensured a significant reduction in energy costs thanks to the efficiency of AEC technology. Street lighting solutions guarantee greater energy savings with a clear reduction in maintenance, given the long lifespan of the LED sources that exceed 100,000 hours.

Casablanca LED street lighting
Casablanca LED street lighting

The benefits guaranteed by the intervention

The use of AEC street lighting for the new LED public lighting in Casablanca has guaranteed great benefits in terms of cost reduction for the Moroccan Municipality. At the same time, the design of ITALO and STYLO made it possible to enhance the streets of the city by increasing their attractiveness.

LED public street lighting in Casablanca

With AEC Illuminazione’s LED solutions, the Municipality of Casablanca has optimized road lighting by providing the ability to manage LED road lights with customized lighting profiles. The project has thus made it possible to further reduce energy costs by facilitating management thanks to the possibility of varying the intensity of the light according to needs and times.

The La Corniche district illuminated by AEC

The Corniche, part of Casablanca’s Ain Diab quarter, is very popular among swimmers and surfers for its trendy Atlantic beach clubs. After dark, life moves to the trendy nightclubs, cocktail lounges and bar terraces overlooking the sea. Dining opportunities along the Boulevard de la Corniche range from simple over-the-counter options to exclusive French restaurants. For this reason, the Municipality contacted AEC Illuminazione to supply the new street lighting for this exclusive district. STYLO has enhanced the streets of the area and increased visual comfort for pedestrians and drivers, for a better experience on the streets of the city.

Casablanca street lighting

The most beautiful and safe boulevards of the Corniche thanks to AEC Illuminazione

The new lighting of La Corniche has enhanced the streets of the prestigious Casablanca quarter

STYLO was installed on a pole with a particular design to enhance the Moroccan quarter by increasing road visibility and safety in the area. The quarter of the Corniche is an area on the coast of Casablanca for nightlife where citizens and tourists gather every day to go to the beach and eat the typical dishes of Moroccan cuisine. Ensuring the regular influx of the population into commercial activities in the area with uniform and reliable light was one of the main objectives of the intervention. STYLO, the winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, ensured high lighting performance and a better visual impact of the quarter on citizens and tourists. Find out more about all the possibilities that AEC offers for street lighting.

LED Street Lighting

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