Outdoor large area lighting of Bursa Timsah Arena

AEC Illuminazione was chosen for the LED lighting of the Timsah Arena outdoor area in Turkey. The imposing structure is located in the city of Bursa and has 45,000 seats and a playing field of over 100 meters, important dimensions that make it regulatory also for SüperLig. The Timsah Arena has an evident crocodile shape, as the reptile is the symbol of the Bursaspor club, which is the home team. The project, inaugurated in 2015, cost over 35 million euros and is part of another 21 new stadiums built by the government.

Greater safety with AEC LED floodlights

GALILEO, chosen for the lighting of the outdoor area of ​​the stadium

The Bursa Administration has chosen the LED floodlights of the GALILEO series, designed for the lighting of large areas. 124 fixtures were installed throughout the outdoor area of ​​the stadium to enhance the structure and increase safety.

Large Area Lighting

A project of great architectural value

The lighting of the area surrounding the Bursa Timsah Arena was an important public lighting project aimed at enhancing the area by increasing safety for citizens.

LED lighting of the Timsah Arena outdoor area
LED outdoor lighting floodlights

Greater attractiveness of the structure

An intervention aimed at improving the attractiveness and safety of the stadium

AEC’s large-area LED floodlights were chosen to enhance the incredible Bursa Timsah Arena. The outdoor area that surrounds the entire stadium is an important area where fans and tourists can linger. Systems, high power and visual comfort were needed, to ensure a better experience in total safety.

Solutions for Sport Lighting

Used product

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