LED lighting of the Al Maqta bridge

Al Maqta is a particularly important crossing bridge for Abu Dhabi. In fact, the island of Abu Dhabi was once separated from the mainland and this undoubtedly represented a disadvantage for the economy and trade. The bridge was officially built in 1968 with a length of 430m. Its construction has significantly improved the connections and in 2015 AEC was chosen by the Arab authorities to redevelop the bridge using the ITALO LED street lamp.

The historic bridge illuminated by the light of AEC Illuminazione

LED lighting of the Abu Dhabi bridge with high-performance solutions

Al Maqta was the bridge that laid the foundations for the modernization of the city of Abu Dhabi and represents a fundamental point of connection with the mainland. The old system was based on discharge technology and the level of light distribution was not sufficient, presenting chromatic variations. The supply of LED street lighting for the bridge lighting ensured uniform distribution throughout the road, cost reduction for the Municipality and an increase in safety for drivers.

A project of historical value for Abu Dhabi

The Matqa Bridge, inaugurated in 1968, was the symbol of Abu Dhabi’s desire to connect with the rest of the world. Today, the LED lighting of the bridge represents a symbol of renewal commissioned by the local municipality, with great attention to energy-saving issues and environmental sustainability policies in line with those of AEC Illuminazione.

The bridge after the intervention

The redevelopment of the bridge takes place thanks to specific solutions for street lighting which, in addition to ensuring a rapid return on investment for the municipality, enhances the urban architecture by increasing the attractiveness of the city of Abu Dhabi.

LED lighting of the Al Maqta bridge

Product used

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