Sport recreational led lighting: soccer field and five-a-side football pitch

Light up your sports facility according to regulations with high performance and energy-efficient LED lights for soccer fields.

LED soccer field lighting

When we talk about the lighting of sports fields, whether it is the lighting of a 5-a-side or 11-a-side soccer pitch, the quality and efficiency of the lighting system play a fundamental role. The light represents a fundamental aspect from all points of view and the players as well as the spectators must not be bothered by phenomena of light glare. For this, a high level of visual comfort and excellent visibility conditions in the field must be ensured. Another essential aspect is that related to safety and maintenance. In particular, plant managers must be able to carry out simple and rapid maintenance, limiting closures and periods of inactivity. In the same way, the choice of redeveloping a sports facility with efficient high-power LED floodlights for soccer field lighting makes it possible to achieve high energy savings and minimize the number of luminaires required.

Why choose AEC for soccer field lighting

Efficient structure

Reduce energy and maintenance costs

By choosing LED lighting fixtures for soccer field lighting, you can use high-performance floodlights that reduce energy and maintenance costs. Our specific soccer field lighting optics use less energy and reduce light scatter. Moreover, the particular fixing systems of the floodlights will allow you a simple and quick installation.

Enhance the experience

Increases visual comfort and safety

Ensures excellent colour rendering and increased visual comfort for athletes, match officials and spectators with LED lighting fixtures for soccer fields designed by AEC. It improves the gaming experience through the quality of LED light for sports fields and increases the safety of the structure by protecting the area from malicious people and reducing vandalism.

Optimize the lighting

Manage your lighting flux

Thanks to the special lighting control systems designed by AEC for soccer field LED lighting,, you can manage the lighting of your system quickly and safely. Thanks to a device or a dedicated app you can in fact remotely control the light beam of the floodlights according to preset scenarios, optimizing the lighting. The optical specifications for sports fields lighting, on the other hand, guarantee uniform distribution of the light beam in the field, reducing the number of fixtures present.

Soccer field lighting applications

Five-a-side soccer lighting

Eleven-a-side soccer fields lighting

Recreational soccer field lighting

AEC’s soccer field lighting solutions for you

AEC offers you the possibility to choose a single interlocutor for your soccer field lighting project. You will have the opportunity to have a single reference by optimizing all the design and operational phases, with the aim of converting your system quickly and safely.

Specific LED optics for soccer field lighting

High performance for guaranteed fun

The LED optical specifications for soccer field lighting were designed by AEC’s internal optical department to optimize lighting by reducing the number of fixtures installed in the high-mast. With higher performance used than discharge technology, you will have a net reduction in energy and maintenance costs with a quick return on investment. The LED optics used by AEC to illuminate a soccer field, in fact, use a uniform distribution of the light beam, reducing the shadow areas in the field and increasing the performance of the players.

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Visual comfort for your soccer field lighting

AEC Illuminazione provides tailor-made solutions for the LED soccer field lighting or sports facilities of all sizes, guaranteeing efficient, modern systems that comply with all the lighting parameters required by the regulations. Recreational football matches are usually played at night, so it is necessary to use LED floodlights that eliminate upward light emission, minimizing glare on the surrounding houses and increasing the visual comfort of the area. Ensure a greater gaming experience and enhance the show with AEC Illuminazione.

Flexibility and simplicity of installation

Minimize intervention on existing infrastructures and facilitate light pointing

The lighting solutions for sports fields made by AEC can be prepared for multiple types of installation. You will therefore be able to minimize intervention on existing infrastructures by reducing maintenance activities. In the same way, AEC’s LED floodlights for lighting football fields facilitate, when necessary, the pointing action thanks to a type of pointer that can be installed without the use of special tools, allowing operators to carry out the simplest and fastest installation and pointing in a people-carrier basket.

Patented floodlights for soccer field lighting

The AEC’s LED fixtures for soccer field lighting are designed, produced and tested at the AEC Headquarters using cutting-edge technologies to ensure high-quality standards. The floodlights for soccer field lighting made by AEC use innovative patented technologies, capable of improving sports facilities and cities around the world, minimizing the impact on the environment. The company’s commitment is to continuously improve products, services and production processes related to the world of sport.

Lighting sontrol systems for soccer fields

With the EasyLight app you can manage your soccer field lighting with a simple gesture

Remotely operate and manage the LED lighting of your soccer field using the dedicated app designed by AEC Illuminazione. It uses preset scenarios to optimize the lighting of the soccer field in a simple and intuitive way for quick management and guaranteed energy savings. The LED floodlights for lighting the field are managed via wireless communication to your control device to ensure real-time customization of the light beam.

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