LED tunnel lighting of Valnerina Tunnel

In 2013 the Valnerina tunnel and the Marmore bridge were inaugurated. A very important and meaningful inauguration, as it allowed Rieti and Terni to be closer. The tunnel is 3694m long and is located in Terni on the SS79 bis. This infrastructure is one of the many in the area that has been completely illuminated by AEC Illuminazione. For this project, the T-LED3 luminaire was selected: a symmetrical LED technology floodlight for the permanent lighting of tunnels. An efficient and safe tunnel at the service of freight transport, commuter traffic and above all tourist traffic directed towards the beautiful area of ​​the Marmore waterfalls.

An important tunnel lighting project

High-performance for the LED lighting of Valnerina Tunnel

The new LED lighting system of the Valnerina tunnel was a significant intervention aimed at improving the safety and viability of the strategic infrastructure. The Valnerina gallery has been considered a true eco-sustainable work that adds value to the valley, integrating perfectly with the surrounding nature. The T-LED3 floodlight is part of the tunnel lighting range and is the result of years of experience in the LED road lighting sector.

Tunnel Lighting

The benefits guaranteed by the intervention

The tunnel lighting solutions of this project use optics with high visual comfort able to guarantee a reduced level of glare while keeping the high performance of the lighting body stable.

More security

Sharp lighting for improved visibility

Greater light uniformity along the entire length of the tunnel, both inbound and outbound, for a better course of traffic flow.

Low consumption system

High energy efficiency tunnel lighting

High-performance LED tunnel lighting fixtures that halve electricity consumption and maintenance for a quick return on investment.

Visual comfort

Light uniformity thanks to the LED sources for tunnel lighting

The specific optics for tunnel lighting reduce glare and distribute the lighting evenly.

LED lighting of Valnerina Tunnel
LED Tunnel lighting solutions
LED lighting of Valnerina Tunnel

Smart control systems for tunnel lighting

Intelligent tunnel lighting equipped with remote control

The luminous flux of the luminaires inside the tunnel is automatically adjusted to increase or decrease the intensity of the illumination according to the external light so that the eyes of the drivers do not struggle to adapt at the entrance or exit of the tunnel. In addition, LED luminaires turn on immediately following a possible power failure, eliminating the potential dangers associated with the cooling period required for high-pressure sodium lamps.

Tunnel Lighting Control Systems

Product used

Discover the product used for the LED lighting of Valnerina Tunnel