Public park LED lighting of Castiglione del Lago

The new public park LED lighting of Castiglione del Lago had as its main objective to illuminate the area clearly using low energy consumption solutions. Castiglione del Lago is a tourist town that directly overlooks the largest lake in central Italy, the Trasimeno. The Public Administration has decided to carry out a long series of LED redevelopment interventions in the name of safety, livability and eco-sustainability of the city. The consumption of electricity is the most significant expense for a municipality. This is why the Administration of Castiglione del Lago has chosen ECORAYS to increase safety in the area, reduce CO2 emissions and reduce maintenance costs.

LED lamps for urban parks

Lower energy consumption for public lighting

The supply of LED street lamps installed on the lakefront and in the urban areas of the Umbrian town, has allowed for a halving of energy costs and a net reduction in periodic maintenance, thanks to a longer lifespan of the LED sources compared to discharge technology.

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The objectives of the project

Discover all the advantages that AEC Illuminazione guarantees to your urban lighting projects with efficient Made In Italy solutions.

Design that enhances the beauty of the landscape

LED lighting fixtures for public parks, designed according to Made in Italy quality-aesthetic standards that integrate with the surrounding environment, enhancing the landscape.

Luminaires for urban park lights
Luminaires for urban park lights
Urban road lamps designed in Italy

Better urban experience even at night

Areas that can also be used at night with street lamps for LED lighting in public parks

The lighting solutions for parks and public gardens designed by AEC and used in the Castiglione del Lago project use high-quality standards and specific optics for urban lighting that reduce glare while maintaining high and constant performance over time. Find out more about AEC solutions for public lighting.

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AEC illuminazione urban lighting lamps

Product used

Discover the product used for LED lighting in Castiglione del Lago