Urban LED lighting of Ensjøbyen Park

Teglverksdammen is an urban redevelopment project carried out in the Ensjøbyen district in the east of Oslo: a large green area with cycle and pedestrian paths, which has become a place of recreation and relaxation for the inhabitants of the entire area. This new space arises from a concrete need of the municipal administration: the improvement of the water quality of the Hovin River. An important reclamation work that led to the creation of a series of artificial lakes, around which a large park open to citizens was built. For this important project, AEC Illuminazione has collaborated with local partners to provide the new public lighting with specific LED street lamps for public parks, where new residential districts, shops and preschools will be built.

LED light at the service of the public administration

The Ensjøbyen area is now more efficient and safer thanks to AEC Illuminazione’s public park LED street lights.

Oslo is growing rapidly and to meet the population growth it is estimated that around 100,000 new homes will be needed by 2030. The Ensjø neighbourhood has quickly gone from being a car dealership district to a hub of 7,000 new homes. It was, therefore, necessary to ensure greater safety and increase the attractiveness of the area, using LED luminaires for public parks with lower energy consumption. For this, the local municipality has chosen AEC Illuminazione.

Advantages of LED technology

urban LED lighting of Ensjøbyen Park
urban LED lighting of Ensjøbyen Park
public lighting

Increase the attractiveness of the area

 Visual comfort, excellent light quality and considerable energy savings were the results of a renovation project of the area aimed at increasing its attractiveness for citizens and tourists.

Lighting bodies for public lighting

Made in Italy solutions for LED lighting of public parks, residential areas and urban districts

AEC’s LED public lighting solutions have been designed according to high-quality standards and specific optics for urban lighting that reduce glare while maintaining high performance. Increase safety by using AEC Illuminazione’s long-lasting LED street lights.

Urban LED lighting

Product used

Discover the product used for the LED lighting of the Oslo public park