Railway LED lighting of the Trondheim station

AEC Illuminazione has been chosen for the new railway LED lighting of the Trondheim station, the third-largest city in Norway. The central station plays an important role as a strategic link between Oslo, Bodø and Sweden. The customer had requested high energy-saving solutions that would increase the visibility and safety of the area, given the high railway activity and the large transit of goods.

A reference point for central Norway

The new LED lighting of an important logistics center in Norway

The Trondheim Station Center, the new station redevelopment project, will be the first building in a large-scale urban development plan in Trondheim, which aims to tie the city and the port together. The desire is to create a multimodal transport hub that strengthens the city’s identity and promotes appealing experiences for residents and visitors. The project will position the facility as a model for climate-friendly urban development and green mobility. For this reason, AEC Illuminazione’s energy-saving and reduced CO2 emissions solutions were chosen.

Railway station lighting
Railway station lighting

AEC Illuminazione’s solution

AEC Illuminazione’s LED Large Area Lighting guarantee energy efficiency and visual comfort with products characterized by great versatility.

The benefits guaranteed by the intervention

The LED lighting of Trondheim Central Station required low-consumption solutions that would illuminate the area in a homogeneous manner. AEC’s intervention has greatly facilitated the area, increasing the safety and notoriety of the structure.

Safety for people

Areas well illuminated with LED light

Greater safety for workers, operators and travellers who pass through the station areas every day. Thanks to the LED sources, the area is well illuminated and people can perform their tasks more efficiently.


A more reliable station for people

Thanks to AEC’s LED public lighting solutions, the station is now a safe point of reference for citizens and travellers passing through the area.

Greater attractiveness

A positive experience

Quality LED lighting allows an improvement in the commercial activities of the station. Travellers are encouraged to stay longer and shop more.

Product used

Discover the product used for the LED lighting of the Trondheim station