LED lighting of the turistic port of Tønsberg

Tønsberg is a Norwegian city located in Vestfold County and is also a very important port center. ITALO has proved to be a flagship product for Norwegian projects, appreciated for its refined design and Made in Italy quality. AEC’s intervention on the new LED lighting of the port of Tønsberg represents an important economic development for the port city, given the presence in the area of ​​metallurgical industries, shipyards, leather goods industries and tourist attractions.

Greater security in the port

High performance LED sources for greater light uniformity

The request of the Norwegian municipality was to increase visibility and in the port, a place where citizens and operators perform certain tasks every day. This is why guaranteeing a high level of safety was one of the fundamental requirements of the project.

Ports and Terminal Lighting

The benefits guaranteed by the intervention

Energy-saving, greater safety and high quality of lighting. This is the AEC concept for the new LED lighting of the port of Tønsberg.

Greater attractiveness

More attractive areas for citizens and visitors

The high-power LED sources used by AEC, make the area well illuminated and more attractive for citizens and visitors.

Cost reduction

Less energy and maintenance costs

LED streetlights for public lighting have allowed the port city to significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs thanks to the performance of LEDs.

Greater visual comfort

Comfortable light for people

The specific LED sources for urban lighting reduce glare by distributing the luminous flux homogeneously over the entire area.

turistic port of Tønsberg lighting

Product used

Discover the product used for the LED lighting of the port of Tønsberg