Tolentino Public Pool LED lighting

The new Tolentino Public Pool LED lighting designed by AEC has ensured the structure numerous advantages in terms of reducing energy and maintenance costs. In fact, the use of high energy efficiency and high performance LED floodlights have guaranteed the structure considerable savings in electricity with a net reduction in maintenance. After the intervention, the structure has turned into a reference point for the city, a modern space where spectators, professionals and amateurs can practice sports in total safety.

The advantages guaranteed by AEC Illuminazione

Energy-saving without half measures

High performance and low consumption indoor swimming pool lights

Given its use even at night, the installation of an indoor swimming pool is constantly on. The main objective of the redevelopment project of the Tolentino public swimming pool was to find a solution that would use high performance with a net reduction in energy costs. The intervention of AEC Illuminazione with the supply of specific LED projectors for swimming pool lighting has significantly saved the structure on energy costs, eliminating maintenance with the use of long-lasting LED sources.

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Public swimming pool lighting
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Greater attractiveness for the structure

Thanks to the LED lighting solutions for swimming pools designed by AEC, the Tolentino facility has become a reference point for swimming enthusiasts in the city. In fact, the LED floodlights ensure a pool illuminated with the utmost quality, using a uniform distribution of the light beam that makes the structure more attractive for customers.

Safer structure thanks to AEC light

Floodlights for LED lighting of public swimming pools

The Public Swimming Pool of Tolentino has chosen AEC Illuminazione for the new LED lighting of its structure. The Tolentino swimming pool is a modern facility that offers numerous services such as catering, bar and gym. For this reason, ensuring extremely reliable LED lighting was one of the key points of the project.

Public Swimming Pool Lighting

Best experience for swimmers and spectators

The LED lights for lighting public and municipal swimming pools designed by AEC use specific optics for indoor or outdoor pools, designed to increase the visual comfort of athletes and ensure a better experience. Using the LED floodlights for swimming pools made by AEC means reducing the phenomena of reflection of light on the water, guaranteeing athletes to compete with greater performance and spectators to watch the race in a comfortable way.

Product used

Check out the LED floodlight used for the public pool lighting of Tolentino