LED lighting of Terminal 3

Dubai Airport is the main airport in the United Arab Emirates and is one of the busiest in the world. AEC Illuminazione was chosen for theLED lighting of Terminal 3, a project that wanted to ensure lighting with high visual comfort for travellers and, at the same time, maintain reduced energy consumption for the structure. Terminal 3 at Dubai Airport, costing $ 4.5 billion, opened on October 14, 2008, for the exclusive use of Emirates Airlines. Terminal 3 is part of the second-largest airport in the world in terms of available space, thus increasing the overall capacity of the airport to over 75 million passengers per year.

Made in Italy solutions

Top-quality LED luminaires

Luminaires for LED lighting in custom colours and poles according to the customer’s request. Solutions designed exclusively in Italy according to high-quality standards.

Greater attractiveness

Favour commercial activities

The new LED lighting of Terminal 3 has made it possible to make this place a reference point for travellers.

Cost reduction

Efficient LED sources

AEC’s LED sources allow you to reduce electricity consumption and minimize maintenance costs.

Solutions for airport lighting

Specific luminaires for terminal and waiting area lighting

With the new lighting of Terminal 3 of Dubai airport, it was absolutely necessary to ensure maximum safety for travellers and operators thanks to well-illuminated areas, using lighting systems with high visual comfort. Choose AEC Illuminazione products for your airport.

LED airport lighting

Improve the traveller’s experience

Terminal 3 at Dubai Airport houses bars, restaurants, spas and relaxation areas, where travellers can wait for their flight and relax. Thanks to AEC’s LED lighting systems, it was possible to guarantee people a more pleasant and completely safe travel experience.

Airport terminal led lighting