LED lighting of Sogndal airport

The LED lighting of the Sogndal airport was created thanks to the collaboration between AEC and the partners of the Norwegian territory. Sogndal Airport (SOG) is a very important regional airport that operates throughout the Norwegian district, dealing with the movement of goods and passengers. In 2017, for example, Sogndal airport served 70,244 passengers, 5,735 aircraft movements and handled 5 tons of cargo. Given the increasingly high development of the airport’s activities, the Norwegian Municipality has decided to carry out an energy efficiency plan for the entire area, opting for AEC’s LED lighting solutions.

Airport LED lighting

LED floodlights at the service of Sogndal airport

The airport consists of a 1.180m runway, which was efficiently illuminated by AEC’s GALILEO series floodlights which guaranteed perfectly distributed lighting capable of helping ground and onboard personnel in daily operations for greater security.

Airport lighting

Air side and apron lighting
Airport LED lighting
AEC airport lighting
Airport apron lighting

The advantages guaranteed by the new lighting

Airports are areas where maximum safety must be guaranteed for all operators. Thanks to AEC’s LED floodlights, Sogndal airport was efficiently illuminated, simultaneously increasing the safety of the area.

Safer parking thanks to LED light

Airport parking is now safer with less expense

The intervention for the lighting of the Sogndal airport also included the lighting of the adjacent parking lot. Thanks to AEC’s LED lighting solutions, this area has also been redeveloped and made safe with greater efficiency and without glare.

Parking Lot Lighting

Product used

Discover the product used for LED lighting of Sogndal Airport