LED public lighting of Brescia

The new LED public lighting of Brescia project aimed to reduce the energy costs of the city by using high-performance light sources that guarantee high-quality lighting. The Municipality of Brescia has chosen AEC’s LED street lighting fixtures by launching an important urban and road redevelopment project which involved the replacement of all the old lighting fixtures. A new success for AEC, which produced over 16,000 luminaires for the project. The intervention proved successful both in technical terms, ensuring the best performance of the LED street lamps, and in terms of energy savings. AEC’s extraordinary production capacity and fully automated production lines that ensured fast delivery times also contributed to its success.

The benefits ensured by the intervention

The right public lighting

Lower costs with the new LED public lighting in Brescia

Before the intervention, Brescia consumed over 18 million kWh of electricity every year. With the new LED public street lighting in Brescia, the municipality has achieved a 50% reduction in annual energy consumption: an advantage that has translated into a substantial return on investment estimated at 8 million euros over 10 years. Discover the advantages of LEDs for public lighting.

LED advantages

Reduced light pollution and guaranteed visual comfort

The new LED public lighting of Brescia has increased safety and traffic on the roads of the city

Better colour perception and night visibility thanks to the passage from the old sodium and mercury lamps to the white light of the high colour rendering LED. Increased road safety for drivers and pedestrians.

Visual Comfort in Urban Lighting

The numbers of the project

Brescia’s energy efficiency has been a real success in terms of reducing energy consumption, reducing the tons of CO2 produced each year and reducing the number of lamps replaced each year.


Luminaires installed

Number of LED street lights installed


Savings in Euros

Millions of Euros saved in 10 years


Energy saving

Electricity saved every year


Reduction of CO2 emission

Tons of CO2 produced in less every year

Flowing traffic thanks to the new LED public lighting in Brescia

Greater safety along the historic Kennedy flyover

The intervention in the Brescia municipality required experience in the public lighting sector and the ability to interact with local municipalities. AEC proved to be the partner of choice for LED street lighting projects, using highly efficient light sources also for the new lighting of the historic Kennedy flyover, an infrastructural symbol of the city. Discover all the possibilities that AEC has for street lighting.

Street Lighting

Product used

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