LED street lighting of the Tresfjord Bridge

The E16 Slomarka is a massive four-lane highway that runs through the municipalities of Southern Odal Kongsvinger, Norway. Tresfjordbrua is the bridge built in the Municipality of Møre Romsdal to reduce the distance between Ålesund and Åndalsnes. Characterized by a total length of 1,290 meters, it is considered the sixth-longest bridge in all of Norway. The LED street lighting of the Tresfjord Bridge was made with long-lasting performance luminaires that increased safety on the route by reducing energy costs for the Municipality and ensuring a better driving experience for travellers.

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Improvement of traffic thanks to the new LED street lighting of the E136

The Tresfjord Bridge was opened on 24 October 2015 and its opening has significantly improved road safety. The flow of traffic is now smoother and the travel times of commuters who cross the bridge every day have been considerably reduced. In fact, the infrastructural intervention meant that the section became about 13 km shorter than the previous route and the driving time between Åndalsnes and Ålesund has been reduced by about 20 minutes. AEC’s intervention ensured road lighting solutions that guaranteed light uniformity throughout the bridge and a reduction in glare phenomena.

Zhaga D4i Luminaire
LED street lighting of the Tresfjord Bridge

The objectives of the intervention

The intervention for the new LED road lighting of the Tresfjord bridge was a success in terms of reducing costs and improving the driving conditions of travellers.

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The LED road lighting of the Tresfjord bridge is an example of how AEC’s solutions are able to guarantee reliability with long-lasting performance. By interacting with official local partners, AEC is able to use its lighting know-how to ensure a complete lighting service for any road lighting project. Find out more about the possibilities that AEC’s LED technology offers for road applications.

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